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Hurricane Younis hit various countries in Europe. Eunice’s influence over countries, especially in western Europe, was greatest. At least six people have been killed in western Europe in the aftermath of a powerful Atlantic storm called Younis. The city of Germany is a landlocked country in the aftermath of Hurricane Younis. At present the death toll stands at 18, more than a hundred injured and more than a million have been stranded. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Hurricane Younis’s torment

The 122-mile hurricane swept across the country. This caused big waves on the coast. The storm knocked down trees and killed people due to high winds. The number and type of dead are almost the same in different places due to strong winds. All the trees that have died are uprooted. Several Germans and Europeans have died after being crushed under a tree in Belgium, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Offices and courts have already announced the closure of many schools in Europe. Various ports have been declared closed and workers have been told to move to safer places. Moreover, various flights to Germany and Europe have been canceled until further notice. At first, the death toll was reported to be 6 but the death toll is slowly rising. According to the latest announcement, the death toll stands at 18. Rescue operations are still ongoing.

16 People died till now in Younis

As a result of the cyclone, many institutions, including residences, have collapsed in different places. Trees fell on the road and traffic was stopped. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes in the storm and are now on the streets. Their homes have collapsed due to the storm, causing financial hardship to the people of several cities. It will take a few days for the situation to return to normal, local government leaders say, with the country’s government fearing more than 900 million euros in damage. Which has not caused so much damage in previous tidal surges

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