Through this post we will discuss in detail about the 45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022 and Preliminary Examination Syllabus of Bangladesh Public Service Commission. If you want to know about 45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022 then read our post carefully. বাংলায় পড়ুন

The 45th BCS exam is going to be held recently. The 45th BCS Examination Circular 2022 has already been published in their official website According to the published circular, numerous candidates from Bangladesh applied for the 45th BCS examination. Many of you want to know the detailed information about the 45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022. So today we have arranged our discussion only about the 45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022. Read our discussion carefully. The syllabus and distribution of 45th BCS exam is given below

45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022

The total number of 45th BCS Preliminary Examination of Bangladesh Karma Commission is 200. The 200 number MCQ exams include Bangla Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Bangladesh Affairs, International Affairs, Geography, Environment and Disaster Management, General Science, Computer and Information Technology, Mathematical Reasoning, Mental Skills, Ethics, Values ​​and Su. -Rule. We will provide detailed information about the 45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022 through our website so we are requesting you to complete this discussion.

Many candidates from all over the country participate in the BCS examination every year. All these candidates need to know about the standard distribution of BCS exams. We have created this post to give you all the information about the 45th BCS Exam Mark Distribution 2022. After completing our preparations, you will be able to fully understand all the details about the 45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022. And by seeing the distribution of human beings, he will be able to continue his studies accordingly. So let’s take a look at the syllabus and 45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022

৪৫ তম বিসিএস পরীক্ষার ফলাফল ২০২২-

45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022 PDF Download

45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022

45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022

Syllabus and Mark Distribution of 45th BCS exam

Below we have highlighted the 45th BCS exam and syllabus distribution.

Syllabus Mark
Bangla Language and Literature 35
English Language and Literature 35
Bangladesh Affairs 30
International Affairs 20
Geography, Environment and Disaster Management 10
General Science 15
Mathematical Reasoning 15
Computer & Information Technology 15
Mental Skills 15
Ethics, values ​​and good governance 10
Total 200

Bangla Language and Literature – No. 35

  • Literature –  20.
  • Language –  15

Literature – 20

  • History of Bengali language, Bengali and Bengali, Bengali language and script.
  • Era Division of Bengali Language.
  • Ancient Age and Bengali Literature: Charyapad
  • Medieval and Bengali Literature: Srikrishnakirtan Kavya, Mangalkavya, Vaishnava Poems, Muslim Literature, Translation Literature, Geetika
  • Modern Age and Bengali Literature: Prose, Fort William College and Biographies of Modern Age Poet Writers.
  • Modern poets-writers should read biographies and other subjects.

Language – 15

  • Application – misapplication, spelling and grammar, terminology, synonyms and antonyms
  • Sounds, letters, words, terms, sentences, suffixes, conjunctions, conjunctions.

English Language and Literature – 35

৪৫ তম বিসিএস পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট ২০২২ [প্রকাশিত]

English language

  • Spelling / Synonyms / Antonyms – 4-6 questions
  • Analogy – 3-4 questions
  • Appropriate preposition / Adjective / Adverb – 4-6 questions
  • Phrasal verbs / Idioms / Phrase / Group verbs – 5-6 questions
  • Gerund / Clause / Adjective / Adverbs / syntax – 5-6 questions
  • Narration / Voice / Sequence of Tense /
  • Correction – 8-10 questions
  • BCS question previous year / Literature – 4-6 questions

English literature

  • English literature means literature written in English. Biographies of notable people who have contributed to English literature, various works written by them.

Mathematical Reasoning-15

  • Real Numbers, L.S.G., G.S.G., Percentage, Simple and Compound Profit, Ratio Proportion, Profit and Loss.
  • Index and logarithm, parallel and multiplicative sequence and capture.
  • Algebraic formulas, polynomial generators, simple and binomial equations, simple and binomial inequalities, simple equations
  • Theorems for lines, angles, triangles and quadrilaterals, Pythagoras theorems, theorems for circles, modular-simple fields and solids.
  • Set, layout and assembly statistics
  • Probability.

Mental skills – 15

  • Linguistic logical judgment.
  • Problem solving.
  • Mechanical skills.
  • Spelling and language.
  • Coordinate relations.
  • Numerical power.

Bangladesh Affairs-30

  • National Affairs of Bangladesh-06
  • Agricultural resources of Bangladesh – 03
  • Population and Census of Bangladesh-03
  • Economy of Bangladesh-03
  • Industry and Commerce of Bangladesh-03
  • Constitution of Bangladesh – 03
  • Political situation of Bangladesh-03
  • Government system of Bangladesh – 03
  • National Achievements of Bangladesh and Others – 03

International Affairs – 20

  • Regional and international system (in what way or under whose control the world is moving. How any continent, subcontinent or region is being controlled)
  • Geopolitics (control of a country’s naval base, oil transportation route, important canals (Suez, Panama) on a sea island, controlling a seaport, extracting a country’s mineral resources.
  • International security and international powers (various military alliances (NATO, ARF), arms deals, nuclear agreements, OPCW, peace agreements, war, etc. Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Palestine, Syria).
  • International organizations and global economic organizations (World Bank, IMF, WTO, G20, BRICS, SAARC, G8 etc)

Geography, Environment and Disaster Management-10

  • Territorial geographical location and boundaries.
  • Disaster type, nature and management.
  • Nature and resources of Bangladesh, various challenges etc.


  • Physics (development of physics, heat and kinetics etc.) -05
  • Biology-05
  • Modern Science-05

Computer and Information Technology-15

  • Computer: 10 Mark
  • Information technology: 5 Mark

Ethics, Values ​​and Good Governance-10

  • Definition of values ​​education and good governance.
  •  The relationship between values ​​education and good governance.
  •  Values ​​Education and general ideas about good governance.
  •  Formation of social and national ideals and importance of values ​​education and good governance in personal and civic life.
  •  Impact of values ​​education and good governance on national development.
  •  How it is possible to establish values ​​education and elements of good governance in the present social system.
  • Values ​​The benefits of education and good governance and the social disadvantages of their lack

We have tried to fully highlight the 45th BCS Mark Distribution 2022 through our discussions. Thank you so much for reading from beginning to end with our discussion.

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