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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world today. Between 2014 and 2020, more than 1.38 billion new users of Google Chrome were added. So you can understand how popular Google is as a web browser. There are some features in Google Chrome that will surprise you. In the meantime, we have discussed 5 hidden tips and tricks of Google Chrome on our website. If you want you can go to this link and see it. Today we will discuss 5 more Hidden Tips and Tricks of Google Chrome. Knowing which will make your internet browsing easier and more comfortable. So let’s find out about five more features of Google Chrome বাংলায় পড়ুন

1. word search:

This feature is to easily search Google by marking a specific word or sentence. Many times while browsing the internet we come across some words or phrases that we don’t understand or that we want to know the meaning of by searching on Google.1

To do that, there are many people who mark the text by clicking the right button, copy it, then open a new tab, paste it there, then press enter and do a Google search. This long process can be done very easily. Therefore, if you mark any word or sentence and click on the right button, you will see the name of the text you are selecting Search google for. Clicking here will automatically open a new tab and go to Google and search for Word or Sentence. The feature is a very easy and very useful feature. Hopefully if you haven’t used this feature before, you will use it every day from now on.

2. Restore tab:

I think this feature is a very necessary feature. If you suddenly close a tag, re-open it. We often have this problem. Suddenly we switched the tab and closed it. Next we go to the history to open that page and open it again by clicking on that link.2

But it has a nice trick that you can use to easily re-open the close tab. To do this you can press Shift + Control + T on the keyboard to bring back the tab that was closed in the shortcut. Or you can do it with the mouse if you want. Right-click on the tab bar in the browser and you will see an option called Reopen closed Tab. Clicking on it will re-open the tab that you closed a while ago. If you have closed multiple types then you can reopen them one by one. The feature is a very useful feature.

3. Task Manager:

I hope this feature of Google Chrome will come in handy. Google Chrome has been around for a long time, and Google Chrome has a lot of resources. Use a lot of RAM, Use CPU, Use GPU, Use everything. So if you want to know which feature or which tab or extension Google Chrome specifically consumes more resources.3

Then you can open the task manager of Google Chrome. To do this, press Shift + esc on the keyboard while your Google Chrome is open, then Google Chrome’s Task Manager will open just like Windows Task Manager. You will get information about how much RAM is consuming which tab or extension or how much cpu or gpu is being used. And if your Google Chrome lags and you see a specific tab or extension causing this problem. Then you can close that tab or close the extension. Then your Google order will be free again. I hope everyone will find this feature useful.

4. Shortcuts:

Create a desktop shortcut icon for a specific website. Suppose you always visit YouTube then you will enter in Google Chrome. After entering, press the option icon on the right side at 3 o’clock. At the bottom you will see an option called More Tools. After going there you will get another option Create shortcut (Create shortcut) Click there.4

After clicking, you will see a box in the name you want to give in that shortcut. There you just wrote YouTube. There is an option below by writing Open as window. If you want to open in a separate window, just leave the mark blank. If you click on Create then you will see on the desktop that a new shortcut has been created with the icon of YouTube. Double pressing on it will open YouTube with Google Chrome. This way you can create all the shortcuts to the websites of your choice. If the previous post about this feature was discussed a bit, it will open all at once with the opening of Google Chrome. But if you want to open differently, you can create shortcuts like this. I hope it will work for many.

5. Switching tabs:

The latest trick is to switch tabs through keyboard shortcuts. The shortcut is Ctrl + Tab. If you open a lot of tabs a lot of time, it takes a little time to switch by clicking with the mouse.5

If you want to quickly switch from one tab to another, press Ctrl + Tab on the keyboard. Every time you press, the serial will be switched to one tab after another. This feature can be useful for many people to quickly switch tabs. 

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