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Google Chrome is now the most popular internet browser. We use Google Chrome everywhere, be it Windows or Android or any other platform. But not all of us can use the full features of Google Chrome. Because Google Chrome has many features and some hidden tricks that we are not all aware of. Today we will share with you 5 Hidden Tricks and Tips of Google Chrome. Knowing which will make your internet browsing easier and more fun. So let’s find out about the 5 features of Google Chrome বাংলায় পড়ুন 

1. Tab grouping:

There are many of us who are browsing the internet by opening 20-30 tabs at a time. While browsing, the tabs become too small and there are many problems in switching the tabs. It is not good to see the tabs closed and you have to face many problems to find the tabs. Internet browsing seems to be a problem in this situation.1st-for-done

If you want you can get rid of this problem by using the top grouping feature. Suppose you have opened five tabs of social media. If you want, you can put these five tabs in a group with the name of social media. This will reduce the amount of your tabs and will have many benefits in browsing the Internet.

To group, you can place the cursor on any of the tabs and right click to see the Add tab to a new group. When creating a group, you can also add a new color to the group with the name of the group so that you can easily recognize it later. You can add more tabs to this group if you want. You can go to that tab and right click and click on Add tab to group and select the group you have created. Or you can create new groups if you want. You can minimize the tabs together if you want, just by clicking on that group all the tabs will be minimized. If you want, you can move all the tabs of a group separately to the new window and also to the previous window. Grouping is much more useful and much more time saving. You can try this feature.

2. Highlight Text:

The second feature is to send a link to someone by highlighting a specific text. Suppose you are asking someone to read a specific part of an article but you do not really understand which part of the article he will read. If you want, you can highlight it and send the link to him. To do that, mark the specific part of the article.2nd-ok

After marking, right click and there is an option called Copy link to highlight and press it. Then a new link will be copied to the clipboard. Now you can send this link by pasting anywhere and when the sender opens this link, the specific text you are asking to read will be highlighted. This way you can mark the text and send the link to someone.

3. Synchronization:

This feature is much more useful and I think many people use it. That is synchronization. A very nice feature of Google. With Gmail, you can sync Google Chrome’s history, saved passwords, locations, or autofill on any device you want, but you can synchronize on every device. To do this, you will see an icon in the profile above the windows of Google Chrome, click there.3no-ok

After clicking, there is an option called Turn on sync. If you press on it, it will ask for your Gmail account and you will sign in to the account with a Gmail account. Once signed in, your synchronization will be turned on. Then every web site you browse, as many bookmarks as you save, or as much preliminary information, address or any other information that you save will be synchronized to each of your devices. So if you visit any website at night. In the morning when you want to visit that website on the phone, you do not have to remember the name of that website.

If you want, you can find that link or that website by checking your browser history. Besides, you can access all the payment information or addresses that you have saved, but from there you can also access your mobile or any other new device. If you haven’t used this synchronization feature yet. Then you must try to use it will be much easier for you when you go to a new device.The funny thing here is if you login your Gmail address in someone else’s Google Chrome and if you sign out of your Gmail account from there but all your information will be deleted from there. So there is no fear of losing your information after logging in to someone else’s Google Chrome.

4. Opening the website:

This feature is to open some specific websites along with opening Google Chrome. There are many of us who visit some websites all the time such as Facebook, YouTube or other websites that you have, if you want to open Google Chrome, the shei websites will open automatically. To do this, go to the settings below after pressing the three dots at the top right of Google Chrome.4no-ok

On the left side of the settings you will see there is an option called On startup. After clicking on it, you will see that there are three options. You will see the option number 3 Open a specific page or set of pages. If you press here, a new option will come. Add a new pages. By pressing here, you can link your favorite website. Then when you close Windows, then when you re-enter Google Chrome, those websites will open automatically. As a result, the websites that you always open. You don’t have to open it by writing it anymore. Or you don’t have to open it by clicking repeatedly.

5. Google Chrome Flux:

This is some of the experimental features or beta features of Google Chrome. Which they still put into trial. And if it really passes, maybe it will let everyone enjoy it. So if you want to enjoy this feature, you have to go to the address bar of Google Chrome and type chrome: // flags then press enter. Then you will see a list of experimental features.5no-ok

Where there are many experimental features. From here you can use the features you like. But here’s a caveat: You’re not too sure about the options that you shouldn’t use. But here I can talk about one option and that is paralel Downloading. If you keep this feature on, your file download speed will increase a little. Those of you who use Idm or Internet Download manager will notice that the download speed is a bit higher there because Idm divides a file into pieces and downloads it separately which makes the spread a little higher. The Paralel Downloading feature will work the same way in Google Chrome. Download the files separately in pieces. So if you want you can enjoy this feature. Many of these experimental features of Google Chrome can come in handy.

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