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Banana is a very beneficial fruit for the body. Usually we all eat bananas. Again, banana is a favorite fruit of many. Eating a banana every day can keep us away from heart attack. So it is important to eat a banana every day to keep hard healthy. Today we will find out if eating a lot of bananas every day can cause any adverse reaction in our body. Hopefully you are also interested to know about this. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Banana is a very familiar fruit and we eat banana regularly. Of course, we need to know the pros and cons. Today we will find out what kind of effects can be had on our body by playing banana every day or if there is any problem at all. We hope that by the end of our discussion you will want to know all the information about this topic. So let’s start the discussion without delay.

Banana Nutrition

A lot of the time we eat milk and a banana in a hurry for breakfast. Bananas are a quick and healthy food. Bananas are rich in nutrients. Bananas are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. About 400 mg of potassium enters our body from a medium sized banana. Bananas are rich in potassium. Bananas help our body make up for many nutritional deficiencies. Bananas help keep the heart healthy. Each of us should eat a banana every day to avoid heart attack.


Bananas are so sweet that diabetics often avoid them. But fruits may not cause harm to the body of diabetic patients. So diabetics can safely eat a banana every day.

Benefits of Bananas

Call is a fruit that is very beneficial for our body. These bananas contain a lot of vitamins. Also bananas tend to make us the following real.

  • Vitamin B6 in bananas regulates blood glucose and helps prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • As it is a fibrous food, banana is easily digested.
  • Although sweet fruit, it does not increase the sugar in diabetics. So diabetics can also eat it.
  • Banana cleans the stomach and helps digestion.
  • Bananas contain carotenoids that help keep the heart healthy.

When to eat Banana is Better

Callus is definitely a food that is very beneficial for our body. But we must know when to eat bananas. Scul Aki should be eaten in the morning? Or should I eat at night? Or any other time? Should bananas be eaten on a full stomach? Or should bananas be eaten on an empty stomach? We will now know the answer to that question.


Usually it is better to eat banana in the morning. The benefits of playing a banana in the morning can be found throughout the day. However, eating banana in the morning on an empty stomach should never be eaten. Bananas can be eaten in the morning mixed with any other food. You can also eat banana at any time of the day. However, playing in the morning is more beneficial.

Does Banana Increase Weight?

There are many dilemmas as to whether eating bananas increases or decreases weight. Many people think that bananas are high in sugar and calories, which makes them gain weight. But know that bananas are not just sugars or calories. Bananas are high in fiber. And this fiber increases the digestive power of human beings which makes digestion of food easier. As a result, people’s stomachs are full for a long time, so people eat less food. Which helps in reducing body weight. So it can be said that Banana does not increase weight but reduces it.


Disadvantages of Banana

The disadvantages of this radical proposal are small. However, playing on an empty stomach can cause you many problems.

So never eat banana on an empty stomach. Eat banana mixed with any other dry food. Bananas will be more beneficial if mixed with any food.

Finally, it is a very useful fruit to relieve body fatigue. Eating a banana in the morning will give you energy throughout the day or you can eat a banana to relieve fatigue at the end of the day.

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