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Today we live in the world of the internet. Hey, in the world of the internet, we are searching for something every day through different search engines. But most of all we search anything by Google. Google is not the only search engine. But Nowadays Google is a place of great trust and confidence for people. In today’s world, you are somehow being influenced by Google. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Google Play service, Google Play Store, Google Play games, Google Play Music, YouTube, Google translate, Google meet, Google Earth, Google classroom, File by Google, Google sheet, Google drive, Google keyboard, Google docs, Google Chrome, Google The calculator, Google map, Google has contributed in every case. Google is helping you with everything you need. Here are just a few things to keep in mind. Google is also constantly bringing you everything you want.

Google’s save data

But have you ever wondered why you are so dependent on Google? Do you know how much data Google collects from you? Maybe you know, you don’t know. But even if you know, you don’t care. What do you think Google will do with your data? Google is constantly monitoring you and collecting all your data. Can’t believe it? So let’s discuss in that context.

Have you ever noticed? That you searched for something or discussed something with someone in a message. Then there is a lot of information or ads on your Facebook, YouTube, or different browsers. Maybe you didn’t notice. But you can check it out now if you want. Do you know the reason for this? This is because Google is collecting this data from you. What do you want to know about yourself? Google is collecting this data from different aspects of you.

Google’s data download

As a result, whenever you scroll through Facebook, YouTube, or any other browser, Google will show you ads on those topics. Now maybe you understand everything. But if you want, you can find out what data Google has collected from you. How you download what data Google has collected from you

  • First you go to from anyone browser then click on Man is Your Account




  • Then click on Data & Privacy and scroll down and click on Download Your Data


  • Then mark and select the word you want to download

photo-2022-02-22-13-18-15 photo-2022-02-22-13-20-13

  • Now click on Next and select the file size you want to export in OK format.

photo-2022-02-22-13-21-31 photo-2022-02-22-13-21-59

  • Now click on Create Export button


Google will then start creating the file for you on its server. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Once the file is created, Google will notify you by email. There you will find a download link. Take it. Then you will extract with any RCB file and inside you will get your desired data.

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