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Bangladesh played their last ODI series in July last year. The Tigers won the series 3-0 against Zimbabwe in July. Meanwhile, the Afghanistan cricket team last played their ODI match in a month. Although they played their previous series at the beginning of past years. বাংলায় পড়ুন

The three-match ODI series between Bangladesh and Afghanistan is starting today with the first ODI match at 11 am. This is the first time since 2016 that the Afghanistan cricket team has come to the country to play an ODI series against Bangladesh. This series is very important for both teams. Because the points of this series World Cup Super League will be settled.

Super League points table

At present, Bangladesh ranks second in the points table of the Super League. Bangladesh cricket team is at 80 points with eight wins and four losses in 12 matches. England tops the points table. They are at 95 points with 9 wins and 5 losses in 15 matches. India is third in the points table. They are at 79 points with eight wins and four losses in 12 matches. On the other hand, the position of the Afghanistan cricket team is number 6. With 6 wins in six matches, they are at 60 points.


Bangladesh cricket team has lost a total of four matches in the points table of the Super League. Afghanistan, on the other hand, has not lost a single match. The first match of the series will start at 11 am today. This will be followed by the second match on February 25 and the third and final match of the series on February 28.

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan ODI series

Bangladesh cricket team has a chance to rise to number one in the points table of the Super League. Bangladesh needs 16 points to overtake England. The team will get 10 points for winning each match of the series and 5 points if any match is abandoned or tied. Normally no team will get points if they lose. If they can whitewash Afghanistan in the three-match series, Bangladesh will have 110 points. In that case, Bangladesh will rise above England. If Bangladesh wins the series 2-1, it will be 100 points, which is more than the current points of England. There is a method of cutting points due to slow over-rate. This method of survival is called the penalty. A team’s points can be deducted in case of a penalty.

In other words, if Bangladesh-Afghanistan wins the ODI series, the Bangladesh team will occupy the top spot in the points table of the Super League.

If Bangladesh loses the series by 2-1 points then England will not be stopped. On the contrary, the points of Afghanistan will be equal to those of Bangladesh. And if Afghanistan can whitewash Bangladesh, then Afghanistan will have 90 points. And then the Afghanistan cricket team will top Bangladesh in the points table of Super League.

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