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Bangladesh women’s cricket team is going to participate in ODI World Cup for the first time. The girls’ world cup is going to start on March 4, 2022. Bangladesh women’s cricket team will face South Africa in their first match on March 5, 2022, at 4 am. The match will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand before dawn in Bangladesh. Nigar Sultana’s team is facing to play in the first match of the World Cup. Tomorrow at 4 am a new chapter will be added to the history of Bangladesh cricket. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Girls World Cup 2022

This is the first time for the Bangladesh women’s cricket team to participate in the ODI World Cup, despite the opportunity to participate in the T20 World Cup. So far, Bangladesh women’s cricket team has played four T20 World Cups. Many may object to how a team that has already played four Twenty20 World Cups can make its World Cup debut. However, even during the dominance of T20, the ODI World Cup is considered to be the real World Cup. Even the cricket body ICC thinks so. The word ODI is not added before the name of the 50-over World Cup, just as the T20 World Cup is written before the 20-over Cricket World Cup. It’s just the World Cup. And the girls ‘world cup is only called the girls’ world cup. No ODI word is added to it.

The first World Cup for Bangladesh girls

The twelfth seat of the Women’s World Cup is being inaugurated one day before the debut of Bangladesh. The West Indies women’s cricket team will face host New Zealand in the opening match. The match will be played in Mount Manganui, New Zealand. A total of eight teams are participating in this year’s Women’s World Cup. The 31-day World Cup will end on April 3. At the end of the first round of the league system, the top four teams in the points list will advance to the semifinals. The final will be played on April 3 at Hagley Oval in Christchurch, the headquarters of New Zealand Cricket.

Apart from Bangladesh, the six teams that participated in the 12th edition of the Women’s World Cup are:

  1. New Zealand
  2. West Indies
  3. South Africa
  4. India
  5. Pakistan
  6. Australia and
  7. England

Bangladeshi girls in World Cup 2022

Nigar Sultana, captain of the Bangladesh women’s cricket team, said in an interview with the ICC website that they are giving priority to proving that Bangladeshi girls can play cricket. He also said that they want to prove their cricketing prowess to the world with their best on the World Cup stage.

But that task will not be easy at all. Every cricketer of the Bangladesh women’s cricket team has already understood that. Bangladesh lost two warm-up matches before the start of the main episode. Presumably, in the first warm-up match, the girls of Bangladesh lost by a big margin to the current world champion England. However, no one could concede defeat to Pakistan, a team close to strength. This Pakistan team will be the main target of Bangladesh’s prey in the World Cup.

Bangladesh and World Cup

Dreaming of playing their first World Cup semifinal would be a bit of an exaggeration. But everyone’s only hopes is that Bangladesh women’s cricket team will hold a good position. They will do anything to make their first World Cup memorable.

Many have thought that Australia, England, India, and New Zealand will play in the semi-finals. If a team cannot make it to the last four, their names will appear in the row of losers. Everyone thinks that Australia, the number one team in the women’s cricket rankings, will win the title. However, teams like England, India, and New Zealand are contenders for the title. Who will be the champion of the 12th edition of the girls’ world cup will be known on April 3.

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