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Bangladesh’s First Museum: There is no one in Bangladesh who has not heard of Varendra Museum in Rajshahi. Varendra Museum is the oldest museum in Bangladesh. The Varendra Museum was established in 1910 on a private initiative. The founder of the Varendra Museum was the then Governor Lord Carmichael. Many people want to know more about the oldest museum in Bangladesh. We will give you detailed information about Varendra Museum, the first museum in Bangladesh through our today’s discussion. বাংলায় দেখুন 

There is a lot of information about this ancient museum in Bangladesh which is unknown to many of us. This is our discussion today for the purpose of knowing that unknown. Those of you who want to know all the information about Varendra Museum, the first museum in Bangladesh, must read this article in its entirety today. All the information related to the site of Kiki Archaeological Site of Varendra Museum has been mentioned in today’s discussion. Those who are interested in archeological sites should read this article carefully. Hopefully we can fulfill your desire to know through this discussion.

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Bangladesh’s First Museum History

The first museum of Bangladesh, the Varendra Museum is located in Rajshahi. The Varendra Museum is located in Hetemkha area, the center of Rajshahi metropolis. The Varendra Museum, the first museum in Bangladesh, is one of the major archeological sites in South Asia. Many talented people have contributed to the establishment of Varendra Museum. The names of the important personalities behind the establishment of Varendra Museum from history are-

Saratkumar Roy, a zamindar of the Dighapatiya royal family in Natore, lawyer Akshay Kumar Maitreya, and Ramprasad Chandra, a teacher at Rajshahi Collegiate School. In 1910, under their own supervision, the first Varendra Research Committee was formed for the collection and preservation of Bengal heritage and monuments.

Bangladesh's First Museum
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Construction of the Varendra Museum

After the formation of Varendra Research Society in 1910, 32 rare specimens were collected from different places of Rajshahi. And it is necessary to build the Varendra Museum to preserve those specimens. The land for the construction of the Varendra Museum was provided by Saratkumar Roy, a zamindar of the royal family. Construction of the Varendra Museum was completed in 1913 and the then Governor Carmichael inaugurated the museum that year.

When the Calcutta Museum demanded all the preserved artefacts of the Varendra Museum in 1911, Governor Lord Carmichael granted the right to collect and preserve the artefacts of the Varendra Museum through an official circular issued in 1913. Later, the authorities of Calcutta University and Varendra Museum jointly started the excavation work of Naogaon Paharpur Buddhist Monastery. Later, 258 specimens were discovered from Paharpur in a single effort of Varendra Research Society. They have been preserved in the Varendra Museum.

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Articles of the Varendra Museum

The collection of Varendra Museum is more than 9000. The Varendra Museum houses a number of specimens of the Indus Valley Civilization thousands of years ago. The Varendra Museum has various archeological and stone statues of the Mohenjodaro civilization. The museum also houses numerous statues, including the 11th century AD Buddha, the head of Bhairab and the Gangamati. This museum is famous for its priceless collection. From the silver coins of the Mughal period to the round gold coins of Chandragupta and the round silver coins of Emperor Shah Jahan, there are various patterns in the Varendra Museum.

    • The Varendra Museum has more than 5,000 manuscripts. Which carry the tradition of Bengal. Of these, 3,848 were written in Sanskrit and the rest in Bengali.
    • The Varendra Museum has paintings of different periods from the Pala period to the Muslim period.
    • The Varendra Museum has paintings by the famous Nurjahan’s father Imad Uddaula.

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Collections of Varendra Museum

The Varendra Museum has a library with more than 12,000 books. The Varendra Museum has been divided into 6 exhibition halls. Below are the specimens of these seven exhibits in the Varendra Museum.

  • The first display box contains 256 archeological specimens recovered from Naogaon Paharpur.
  • The second exhibition contains various sculptures made by Hindus and Buddhists.
  • The third and fourth display boxes contain idols of various gods and goddesses
  • Numerous Buddhist statues have been placed in the fifth exhibition hall
  • The sixth display box contains small and large stone fragments written in innumerable languages
  • And in the seventh display box are preserved the patterns made by different indigenous peoples of Bangladesh.

We have tried to mention the details of Varendra Museum, the first museum in Bangladesh, in today’s discussion. If you want more detailed information you can let us know in the comment box. I will try to give you the necessary information about the Varendra Museum, the first museum in Bangladesh. Varendra Museum is one of the places of interest in Rajshahi. Everyone should visit Harendra Museum if they have time. If you have problems understanding any part of the discussion, please let us know. We are always ready to help in any way. Sincere thanks to everyone for being with us.

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