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Best Domain Hosting : If you are thinking of creating a website. And if you think you can make a profit from this website then you must buy good domain hosting. Without good quality domain-hosting you will not be able to bring good profit from your website.Best Domain Hosting Name. There are currently many organizations around the world that offer domain hosting services. But not all companies provide good service. বাংলায় পড়ুন

If you take a domain hosting service from a company that does not provide good service, you will have to suffer a lot later. Therefore, before accepting the hosting service, the service provider should be well researched about the service provider. Because after creating a website, when we start profiting from that website, if that service provider company is lost in the middle, then the biggest loss will be to the owner of the website. So, of course, good quality domain-hosting is required for creating a website.

So here are the names of some of the world famous, popular domain hosting companies. Which are the most trusted companies in the world. You can safely take service from them.

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GODADDY is the first company among the domain and hosting service providers. The company started its journey in 1998. About 18 million people use this company every year. Domain and hosting registration, domain transfer etc. services can be availed from this company. Visit the website by clicking here for more details. Best Domain Hosting


If you want to get low cost domain hosting services from the international marketplace, you can choose This company was established in 2020. They currently have 3 million + users. Namechip includes a variety of services – domain and hosting registration, domain transfer, selling domains in the marketplace. You can also design logo business cards from here.  Best Domain Hosting Best Domain Hosting Name

You can also take different types of security services from here. Such as – SSL Certificate, Premium DNS, WhoisGured, Public DNS and DPN. For more details, visit the namechip website by clicking here.


Another popular company in the list of popular domain-hosting companies is BlueHost. The company was started about 20 years ago in 2003. Currently there are more than two million users. As of 2010, BlueHost had 5 lakh 25 thousand customers.

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The current popular WordPress recruits BlueHost company. BlueHost is a company that mainly provides hosting services. Also here you will find WordPress, Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller Hosting. You can also register a domain here if you want. Best Domain Hosting Best Domain Hosting Name

From BlueHost you can get help 24 hours a day through live chat and email ticketing or phone calls. They offer different types of packages at different times. Here you can use a website in Basic Package and Unlimited Website in Plus Package. Visit the website by clicking here for more details.

গুগল একাউন্ট এবং জিমেইল একাউন্ট এর মধ্যে পার্থক্য

All of the above companies are international companies. For this reason, the payment system is also internationally, which means you have to take services from here through dollars. If you do not have a dollar supported card then you can take service from any Bangladeshi company. Then you can take service through bKash or any mobile banking. Below are some of the companies that provide good service in Bangladesh

Dhaka Web Host

Dhaka Web Host provides the best domain and hosting services in Bangladesh. Although it is a relatively new company, they provide excellent service. And their popularity is increasing day by day. Generally, Dhaka Web Host offers shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated server and hosting packages.

Best Domain Hosting NameA special advantage of Dhaka Web Host is that you can pay in Bangladeshi currency as well as PayPal. Click here for details about this company.

Alpha Net

Alpha Net is a Bangladeshi web hosting company based in America. Alpha Net has been providing uninterrupted domain registration and hosting services in Bangladesh for over 20 years. AlphaNet offers state-of-the-art Linux and Windows Web Hosting at affordable prices on Alpha Net’s own servers at Datacentre America or Bangladesh, and Alpha Net offers state-of-the-art virtual and dedicated servers on Linux and Windows platforms. Best Domain Hosting Name

Find out more about this company here.

PUTUL HOST – Low cost domain hosting

If you are thinking of buying domain hosting from a Bangladeshi company then you can rest assured from Putul host. Here you will find very good quality service at very low prices. I personally use their services. The thing they like best is customer support. With 24 hours support through live chat. It is very easy to process domains and hosting from here. Click here to visit Puppet Host’s website.

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If you want to buy domain and hosting on Facebook, you can buy domain and hosting from the sites given above. The systems of these sites provide reliable and good quality domain-hosting. So you can safely build your website.

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