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Today’s software magnet investor and popular Bill Gates has become an example of a new reality. Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently predicted a new kind of technology. Which can be used as an alternative to the smartphones in the market. Bill Gates thinks that by using this technology various problems of human beings can be solved. বাংলায় পড়ুন

This was not the first time Bill Gates had dared to prophesy. Earlier, he had also predicted an impending epidemic, which has come true. This time he said about electronics tattoo. And he thinks electronic tattoos could be used as an alternative to smartphones in the future.

What is Electronic tattoos

Electronic tattoo is a type of tattoo that looks like a tattoo but it can exchange different types of information. With the help of this tattoo, information can be collected and analyzed in human body. These tattoos will work with small sensors or trackers that exchange information through a special ink.

The future of electronic tattoos

Bill Gates thinks that the new technology electronic tattoo of Chaotic Moon Company is a biotechnology based process. Through which information can be collected and analyzed in human body. Originally these tattoos would be used primarily to collect and store medical and operative theory data. He thinks that it is possible to prevent and control the disease through information. Besides, he thinks that it is possible to improve the physical performance of people through this chat.

Asked how the electronic tattoo would be placed on people, Chaotik Mann told the agency that although the electronic tattoo 3 is still being studied in the form of melancholy, the company said it would be applied to the skin temporarily. It will work with some small sensors or tractors. Which will send and receive information through a special ink.

However, Bill Gates does not think that the initial implementation of electronic tattoos is enough. He wants to establish this device as an alternative to today’s smartphones in the future. Asked why he wanted to establish himself as an alternative to smartphones, he said that the use of electronics to view messages and address addresses has already come to the fore in a number of Hollywood movies. Which will be implemented very quickly in the future.

However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. You, Bill Gates and his team are looking for an easy way to make this new technology available to everyone. And through them, people can easily take advantage of all the benefits of this technology worldwide.

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