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Such an incident has taken place in Jagannathpur of Sunamganj. The CID department of the police has recovered six pieces of the body of a housewife named Shahnaz Parveen from a pharmacy in Jagannathpur of Sunamganj. বাংলায় পড়ুন

The body of the woman was recovered from a drug store named Avi Medical Hall in Barrister Mirza Abdul Matin Market of Jagannathpur Municipal Point in Sunamganj on February 18. The owner of the pharmacy was Jiten Chandra. The housewife was raped and suffocated to death by two other accomplices, including the pharmacy owner. After the investigation, the police said that Shahnaz Parveen had been suffering from a secret physical problem for some time. When she informed Jiten Chandra about the matter, he asked Shahnaz Parveen to come to the pharmacy.

Housewife’s body inside the pharmacy

Shahnaz Parveen has a good relationship with the pharmacy owner who regularly buys medicines from the pharmacy. Due to this, when he went to the pharmacy with his secret physical problem, Jiten Chandra told him to wait because there is a customer in the shop. One night, when it was getting late, Shahnaz was disturbed to come home. And when the market was completely closed, he and his two accomplices drank energy drinks and raped Sharmin in turns at the pharmacy. His other two associates are Anjit Chandra Gop (38) and Asit Chandra Gop (40).

Dead body in cartoons

When Shahnaz Parveen regained consciousness at one stage of the rape, he threatened to tell everyone about the rape. The three of them then wrapped a scarf around Shahnaz Parveen’s neck and killed him. He planned to dump his body at a farm in a nearby pond at dawn. But as dawn broke and people left the market, they closed the shop and fled. Jitesh was arrested in a raid in the Nurerchala area of Bhatara police station on Friday after several CID teams raided different parts of the country to arrest the accused. And based on his information, Anjit and Asit were arrested in a raid in Jagannathpur Thana municipal area.

The late Shahnaz Parveen was living in his own house with his parents and siblings. Her husband, a Saudi expatriate, had been living in Saudi Arabia for several years. Meanwhile, the death of Shahnaz Parveen has cast a shadow of mourning over the entire family. Locals, including his family, want a fair trial for his death. The common people of the area, including the locals, want a fair and timely trial of the crime so that no one else can commit such acts in the future.

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