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Webometrics, a Madrid-based educational and research organization in Spain, publishes a ranking of higher education institutions every year. In January 2022, the institute published a ranking of all the higher education institutions in the world. According to the web metrics ranking, the Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) is at the forefront of educational institutions in Bangladesh. Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) is ranked 1589 in the world rankings. বাংলায় পড়ুন

North-South University (NSU) ranks first among the private universities in Bangladesh. World Ranking North-South University position is 2056.

Top 10 universities in the country

Among the top 10 institutions in the country, 7 are public and 3 are private universities. According to this ranking published by Web Metrics, all the universities in Bangladesh are ranked as-

  1. Bangladesh University of Engineering (World Ranking 1569)
  2. Dhaka University (18th in World Ranking)
  3. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (World Ranking 1815)
  4. North South University (World Ranking 2056)
  5. Rajshahi University (World Ranking at 2076)
  6. Jahangirnagar University (World Ranking at 2418)
  7. BRAC University (2426 in World Ranking)
  8. Bangladesh Agricultural University (World Ranking at 2658)
  9. University of Chittagong (2762 in World Ranking) and
  10. Daffodil International University (World Ranking 2902)

Harvard University in the United States tops the list of web metrics. Nine of the top ten universities on the list are institutions in the United States. The only university outside the United States to be ranked in the top ten is Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Oxford University is fifth on the list.

Top 10 universities in the world

  1. Harvard University (United States)
  2. Stanford University (United States)
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
  4. University of California at Berkeley (United States)
  5. University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
  6. University of Michigan (United States)
  7. University of Washington (United States)
  8. Cornell University (United States)
  9. Columbia University New York (United States)
  10. Johns Hopkins University (United States)

The list of the top ten universities in the world is published through their website. The Spanish National Research Council, based in Madrid, Spain, has been publishing the rankings since 2004. This ranking is based on January and July of the year considering more than 30,000 universities in more than 200 countries around the world.

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