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Babies are very ordinary, innocent like a flower. For example, the shape of a doll is made by rolling mud, and the doll will be made in the same way as the shape will be given to children like that. বাংলায় পড়ুন 

It is said that family is the primary school for children where children learn both good and bad. Today’s child is the future of tomorrow whether it is good or bad, if people are made with good ideals then they will be good human beings. I am talking about a family where the main character is parents. The future of your child depends on you. So parents should know in advance what should be done, what shouldn’t be done.

1) Build friendly relationships

The first task of a parent is to give the child time. They should spend enough time with their child, building a friendly relationship with the child. Now one of the trends we have, is that we don’t have time to spend with our kids, let alone them. Because now everyone has a smartphone. We spend our precious time watching smartphones or TV and we also give a smartphone to the children to spend their time which is not necessary at all. Everyone knows how bad a smartphone or TV is if it is not used properly. Research has shown that many children are lost because of today’s smartphones or TV. So we should not use phones or TV in front of children. Giving them a little time, chatting with them, telling stories, helping them to develop their new talents.

2) Do not quarrel in front of children

Parents need their behave well. Children are very innocent. But they do not know everything or they have not become so wise, they learn everything from his family and parents. So kids will learn what you use in front of them. Parents should never quarrel in front of children. Foul language should not be used. Every family has trouble but not come in public, at least in favor, but not in front of the children after becoming parents. This can lead to a bad attitude towards the child. Many complaints can be accumulated in the child. For this reason, He may be bad or may gradually become mentally ill. So it is better to keep away all such incidents in front of the child.

3) Giving ideas about good and bad

The direction of the child. Explain the good and the bad to the child. Giving kids the idea of ​​good and bad. If you do not give the child an idea about the good and the bad or do not teach him right and wrong, he can often do a lot of bad things that will not be good for him.

4) Do not waste in front of children

Don’t waste anything. Waste is a bad habit, which will not be good if it becomes natural. If you don’t need anything, you don’t need to take it or keep it. For example, you should not take too much food. Because many people are in a state of food insecurity. Many are dying in the food crisis. So children need to understand the importance of things so that they can use them properly and use them properly. So nothing should be wasted or wasted in front of them.

5) Behave well in front of the kids

Not treating anyone in front of the child or using bad language. The child’s thoughts will come from you. That said, the family is the primary school for the development of the child. Do not speak badly in front of the child or with anyone, big or small. In this way, the child learns all those things and uses them later even if he does not want to. Husbands and wives alike, if you have bad things, you have to control yourself for your children.

6) Do not insult anyone in front of children

Teach children to respect adults or not to insult anyone. Children will not know how to respect adults unless they are taught how to treat adults. This will not create respect for the elders in him. so you teach them.

7) Don’t shout in front of children

Do not speak loudly or shout in front of children. Children should not speak loudly or shout in front of them as they have very weak hearts. Even if you are very angry, you should not shout or shout at them.

8) Creating a beautiful environment for children

To create a healthy, normal, pleasant environment next to the children. Always try to keep the kids as well mentally as possible.

The above is not very harsh. But not everyone thinks the same, so we should keep the environment as healthy and friendly as possible in front of the children.

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