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In today’s world, the risk of environmental and climate change is the biggest crisis and threat for the world.  The beginning of industrialization has not only changed the Western world through its extensive and uncontrolled use of crop fuel but has also brought it to the brink of extinction through environmental and climate change.  Although industrialization and competitive global trade are negligible in real economic conditions of countries like Bangladesh, Bangladesh still tops the list of risks and risks of climate change.  Hundreds of rivers of riverine Bangladesh have already dried up and disappeared.  If we want to save Bangladesh, then we have to save the rivers to sustain the agriculture, industrialization, urbanization, economy, and biodiversity of this country.  The path is one part of the geophysical system. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Bangladesh is one of the countries at risk of climate change

Due to political and cultural differences and historical realities, the map of the countries of the British colonial Indian subcontinent is divided but the rights of the common river are the same.  We do not know if this catastrophic activity has ever happened anywhere else in the world. The largest Teesta irrigation project in the northern part of the country has been a dream for the farmers there for many centuries. Bangladesh is one of the countries at risk of climate change. Over the last decade, various international forums have been warning about the risks of climate change in Bangladesh.  In the next two decades, as our sea level rises a few feet, our vast coastal lowlands will be inundated with brackish water as the world’s high-fruit Himalayan Ich caps go to school quickly.  As thousands of square kilometers of land are submerged in seawater, tens of millions of people in the lowlands will become climate refugees. 


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Climate change and Bangladesh

With our limited agricultural land, industry, and urbanization, it is almost impossible to ensure integrated civic amenities for food and shelter for this huge population.  This fear is the result of long-term research and observations by scientists and climate researchers.  Most of the rivers in Bangladesh have lost their navigability in the last four decades.  Due to the withdrawal of water upstream, the rivers become stagnant and the silt brought from upstream is not able to carry up to the sea basin.


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Although our drivers are required to be navigable by dodging every year, no major dazing plan has ever been adopted or implemented.  A class of influential people of this country have filled the river and are competing for possession.  This occupation process is going on all over the country starting from the rivers around Dhaka.  While some people were occupying the river, others started killing the river in different ways even earlier.  Industrial waste, tannery waste, liquid waste from dyeing factories, civic chemical waste from the city, waste is dumped directly into the river and each river has been turned into a toxic and smelly city. 


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The result of atmospheric pollution

We have to reap the fruits of this reckless behavior of Western industrial development.  Now that means 600 crore people in the world.  The carbon dioxide emissions caused by the indiscriminate use of crop fuels are not on the one hand and the delta on the other. All the diseases that are deadly to the fauna are being transmitted by depleting the weight of the atmosphere.  Diabetes alone kills one person every 6 seconds in the world.  According to a study, half a billion people die every year in the world due to diabetes alone, which is more deadly than weapons of mass destruction.  According to a recent study, the level of blood or toxins in the people of Bangladesh is 10 to 60 times higher than normal.  From this, it is clear that we are not only polluting the environment but also poisoning the secondary function of our blood.  In the next 1 search, this poison is going to be inherited. 


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Our position on climate change

Blood poisoning of millions of people, diabetes, kidney problems, and various symptoms are looking for a way to be involved in the number of survivors.  Illness and unhealthy environment of millions of people.  And amid insecurity, no nation can truly achieve civilization and prosperity.  To live a beautiful and happy life, you do not need to own vastness.  Occupying land groups, river groups, children’s playgrounds, the government has lands, ponds, reservoirs, a class of powerful and influential people, overnight more powerful people, owning crores of rupees, has pushed Bangladesh into disaster today.  The future of a country whose people can fight and snatch freedom at the cost of millions of lives cannot be plunged into darkness.  We have to overcome all obstacles and do the right thing in the belief of building a golden Bangladesh by relying on the strength and good intellect of society in our joint efforts.  Only then will our reputation be immortalized for future generations.  We are certainly optimistic.

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