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10 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Phone Charging: Is it inappropriate to keep the phone charged overnight? Should you wait until your smartphone is fully charged to recharge? When to use power saving mode? Should the phone be used while charging the mobile? There are many misconceptions among the mobile phone users about many such issues. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Today we will discuss 10 such misconceptions and their correct information through this post. So let’s find out 10 common misconceptions about mobile battery charge.

Is it Inappropriate to Keep the Phone Charged Overnight?

Misconception: Many of us think that if we keep the phone charged all night, the phone will be damaged or the battery of the phone will be damaged.

ব্যাটারি ভালো রাখার উপায়

Correct information: Many people do not get time to charge the phone during the day. They like to charge the phone before going to bed at night. Usually it is not likely to damage the phone.

মোবাইল ফোন চার্জ দেওয়ার সঠিক নিয়ম জানুন

Mobile phone smart technology automatically stops charging your phone after it is fully charged. If the charge drops a little then the phone does not refill that charge from the Tuku charger.


In other words, if there is a problem with the phone, even if it is not charged for hours on end, the problem can occur in a few minutes. Therefore, it is better not to charge the phone while sleeping in bed. Then you can at least be safe from a phone fire or similar accident.

আপনার ফোনের ক্যামেরা করে তুলুন DSLR

Is it Good or Bad to Use the Phone to Power Saver all the Time?

Misconception: Many people think that it is better to use the phone in power saving or low power mode

ভার্চুয়াল রিয়েলিটি কি? এটি কিভাবে কাজ করে।

Correct information: Power saving will not do any harm to your phone’s software if you use good power mode but if you keep this feature on you will not get the full benefit of your phone. Phones are basically designed to give you the best experience when you turn on the phone’s battery saving mode when most of the phone’s background applications are closed. Letting the display light go down causes problems not to see. The sound of the phone is not so loud.


Notifications are almost turned off as much as you might like. So you will not get instant information so battery power saving mode should be started only then. When the phone charges sharply and you can’t charge the phone anytime soon.

Is it Harmful to Charge a Phone at a Public Charging Point?

Misconception: There is no harm in charging a public charging point phone.

স্মার্টফোনের বিকল্প হিসেবে নতুন প্রযুক্তির ভবিষ্যৎবাণী করলেন বিল গেটস

Accurate information: Using a public charging port can jeopardize the information on your smartphone that the cards you visit at public charging points at restaurants or airports are capable of exchanging information. If you connect the phone to these, hackers can take various context pictures etc. on your phone. If you often have to charge the phone while you are out. However, it would be better for you to have a portable charger with power bank.

Is it Necessary to Charge the Phone for 8 hours Continuously Before Using the Battery of the New phone?

Misconception: Many of us think that before using a new phone or phone battery, you have to charge for 8 hours straight.

আপনার ফোন এর জন্য গুরত্ব পূর্ণ অ্যাপ 

Correct information: Your phone is already charged and the idea of ​​initially charging for 8 hours does not apply to lithium-ion batteries, but it is better to fully charge the phone before first use, so you do not need to charge it halfway to set it up.

If the Phone is not Fully Charged, Should the Phone be Charged?

Misconception: Many people think that the phone should not be charged if the charge is not completed

মানব শরীরে মাইক্রোচিপ বসানো ভালো হবে না খারাপ হবে?

Correct information: In fact, you should recharge your lithium-ion battery before it runs out of charge. Such batteries are not aware of their capabilities. And when the charge is given, the charge is not the same as before, “said Sergio Flores, an electronics engineer at Samsung.


Some large manufacturers have been able to overcome this problem, but many models of phones still have this problem.

Can an Application Consume More Battery Charge?

Misconception: Many people think that an application cannot charge more than a battery

Accurate information: An app like Facebook is enough to use most of the power of your smartphone, even if you don’t use it. According to some users, uninstalling the Facebook application makes other apps on the phone work 15 percent faster and charges the phone 20 percent longer.

Do I need to Turn off the Phone?

Misconception: Although not everyone believes in this idea, very few people believe that there is no need to turn off the phone

Accurate information: Many users shut down the application completely after work. This allows the app to continue working in the background, although not everyone can waste a lot of charge, but as long as it continues, battery life will be reduced. Good for both.

Should the Phone be Touched While it is Being Charged or Not?

Misconception: The common misconception among us is that the phone should not be touched while it is being charged

ই-সিম কি? কিভাবে কাজ করে, এর সুবিধা এবং অসুবিধা গুলি কি কি।

Accurate information: You can safely use the phone while charging, according to Samsung engineer Flores. Although it does not always use battery power (using the power from the charge) when you charge your phone, the results and the efficiency of the circuit are always the same.


So using the phone with a charge will not be a problem. However, the lack of various apps running during the charge of the smart phone is delayed and the phone heats up quickly. So if you want to charge fast then don’t use the phone while charging.

Should the Phone be Charged with any Charger or not?

Misconception: Many people think that any charger can be used only if the charging port is matched.

নাসার বিজ্ঞানীদের অর্থের যোগান কোথা থেকে আসে?

Correct information: Many people charge any phone only if the charging port of the phone is matched but these chargers can damage the phone. The voltage adjustment of all the chargers does not have the right mind and the current may be less. This can damage the phone’s battery and even the circuit board chip, so you should use a charger recommended by the phone manufacturer.

Will the Battery be Damaged if WiFi is Turned on Continuously?

Misconception: Continuous WiFi can damage the battery.

Accurate information: If the smart phone’s WiFi is turned on, it will search the nearby WiFi network. When your phone searches for a WiFi signal, it uses its own signal to find out if there is WiFi. But that doesn’t mean you have to turn off WiFi all the time. Even if you have less chance to charge it, you can keep it off if you want to reduce the battery cost.

If you read our nutrition from the beginning to the end from today, hopefully you will come out of these misconceptions and know the correct information. You can visit our website regularly to know all such information.

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