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Did you know that someone else can get ownership of your SIM? Today we will discuss how long the SIM will be lost if the SIM is turned off. বাংলায় পড়ুন

The SIM numbers of Bangladesh start with 01 and 9 more numbers are added to this number and given as an 11 digit mobile number. The SIM operators in Bangladesh have different numbers assigned to each operator. Of these, 015 is for Teletalk, 017 And 013 for Grameenphone, 018 for Robi, 019 and 014 for Banglalink, 016 for Airtel. As a result of the end of the first phase of 10 lakh numbers, more number series of Banglalink Grameen Phone SIM has been required.

After purchasing a SIM from any operator and using it on mobile, that SIM is considered as a viable or active SIM card. And if the SIM is bought and kept open without being used on the phone, then that SIM is considered as a closed SIM. Hey, if the SIM is blocked for a certain number of days continuously, then that SIM is considered an abandoned SIM. And within a few days of a SIM being declared as abandoned, the ownership of the SIM is revoked. In other words, if a SIM is not used continuously for a long time, the ownership of that SIM will be canceled.

After how many days the SIM is off

According to the rules of BTRC, in the case of mobile operators, if any SIM of any operator is unused for 450 days or 15 months, then the process of accepting that SIM as abandoned starts. If the SIM is not activated within these 450 days, it is considered abandoned. And in that case, if any SIM operator wants, he can sell that SIM to another candidate. And if you sell it, the ownership of your SIM will go away.

How many days after unused Robi or Airtel SIM is closed

The company of Robi or Airtel SIM is the same, therefore the rules of these two SIMs are also the same. If these two SIMs are closed for 450 days, then the process of catching the Robi SIM as abandoned starts. Activating the account of any SIM means activating the SIM and recharging the SIM. The operator is not obligated to notify you of the loss of ownership of your unused SIM. In that case, you have to keep track of how long your informed SIM has not been activated.

If you lose ownership of your unused Robi SIM, you can try to reactivate the SIM by contacting Robi Customer Care with your NID and the documents submitted at the time of SIM purchase.

After how long Grameen SIM is closed

If Grameen SIM is not used for 450 days that means 15 months, the SIM operator can disable your sim and sell it to another customer. In this case, they do not inform you accountable. So if your SIM is unused for 450 days, you can lose ownership of your SIM.

After how long has Banglalink SIM been closed

According to the rules of BTRC, if you keep Banglaling SIM closed for 450 days or 15 months continuously, you can lose its ownership. In this case, the SIM company can sell your SIM to another person.

After how long has Teletalk SIM been closed

Since the SIM was provided by the Teletalk government. So it will follow the rules given by BTRC. If any Teletalk SIM is blocked for 15 months or 450 days then it is considered a closed SIM. And its ownership could be changed by the Teletalk SIM operator company.

So the things of all SIM companies can change the ownership of their SIM after 450 days or 15 months following the rules given by BTRC.

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