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Education is the name of physical, mental and spiritual development. The teacher is the one who does the work of bringing about this development. Academic activities take place mainly in our educational institutions. বাংলায় পড়ুন

And the class teacher has the overall responsibility of this work. So the responsibility of a class teacher is immense. Poet Sunirmal Basu said, “I am the backbone of the nation, the backbone of the student education nation, the backbone of teacher education and the backbone of training teachers. So a teacher has to be trained in various subjects including regular in-house training and spend the day in deep regular study.

Students should be kept away from notes, guides, suggestions and should be inspired to read intensively from textbooks. Only a teacher can work to awaken the dreams of the students. The late President of India. APJ Abdul Kalam said. Dreams are not what you see asleep, dreams are what fulfillment expectations do not allow you to sleep. The teacher basically does the job of showing this dream. But keep in mind that educational institutions are not a marketplace of knowledge and teachers do not trade in knowledge.

The role of a teacher in nation-building

The role of an ideal class teacher in the classroom will be like that of a commander in battle. For example, the success of the nation depends on a successful teacher, just as the victory or defeat of the war depends on the army chief. That is why a well-educated teacher is needed. One day Sashwar Chandra Vidyasagar visited the school and asked the students: How do you say day and night? The students replied that day is when the sun rises and night is when the moon rises. Then he asked the teacher did you say? In reply the teacher said, why, when the sun rises in the eastern sky in a chariot of seven horses, it is day. And after the whole day, when the sun goes to the western sky, it becomes night.


Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar said he is old. But you have not heard of diurnal motion and annual motion? On that day Vidyasagar Mahasya realized that the purpose would not be achieved just by setting up a school. We need suitable teachers. The main weapon to transform a population into human resources is good education and quality education. And the teachers perform this sacred duty. Unqualified and incompetent teachers can in no way provide quality education in the classroom. The only ideal teachers are the craftsmen to build the future generation.

Today’s students will lead the nation in the future

An ideal teacher will have a positive attitude towards his / her responsibilities in the garment profession or work. Show respect and sincerity to each student. As well as refraining from behavior that injures students. Only then can the teacher be a trustworthy guardian of the students. Only teachers can develop the human qualities of the students. Here parents have to be real friends and qualified mentors and they have to be. The mindset of the students to accept the issues easily. Water, light and wind have made the world as enchanting. As a result, joy has kept the world alive. Only such an ideal teacher can keep his classroom alive. At present, however, some teachers do not read regularly and cannot easily present the textbook content to the students in a beautiful and sublime way. So the students do not get pleasure. They cannot easily absorb this joyless education. Why is it that education without joy is not education, the desire to learn and be interested in rice rather than poison weakens the will power.

The content of the teaching has to be served to the students in a pleasing way by choosing examples, metaphors and simple words. This is the work of an honest, ideal and quality teacher. The mental development of a student is possible only through the combined efforts of teachers, students and parents. She is able to get good results in student exams. The role of a class teacher is very important in this case. He will keep in touch with the parents of the backward students from time to time. The guardian will assist with the necessary advice and will accept any constructive advice from the guardian. If any student violates the rules or discipline in the class, the class teacher will inform the parents and the head of the institution and help in taking necessary action. The class teacher will be a skilled modern craftsman in creating the stimulus of learning in the heart of these young raw students.


Modern teachers and education

The role of an ideal class teacher is very important in this time of extreme religious values ​​and moral decay. The teacher will make every effort to develop the moral character of the student. Character is an invaluable tool in human life, just, benevolent, truthful, fearless, punctual, idealistic person can awaken the values ​​of civilization in family, society and national life. Today’s children will lead the family, society and the nation in the future, so an ideal class teacher can play an important role in shaping the character of the student. The present age is the age of information technology including modern educational materials. Handmade materials are low cost education

Using information technology with benefits, an ideal class teacher can give the gift of world class teaching. So that the students enjoy the lesson, go to school, above all feel the interest in the lesson and the lesson lasts. An ideal class teacher needs to have knowledge of all the latest information technology, to know how to create digital content. And must acquire the ability to conduct class activities with the help of multimedia. In addition to this, it is necessary to collect thematic book learning materials such as maps, chat globes, pens, model posters, handmade earthenware, pictures, various tree-flowers, fruits at hand, evaluation is a continuous process in teaching-learning activities. Through this process, the class teachers can determine how successful the students have been. Evaluation, on the other hand, is a process by which the teacher develops the student’s mental development and behaviors and then preserves them properly. It is also the professional responsibility and duty of an ideal teacher.

A real teacher is the equivalent of an army chief

An ideal class teacher has to participate in teacher training conducted from time to time at government and private level to uphold his professional standards. If necessary, the teacher can enhance his professional skills by participating in the in-house training organized by his organization. The teacher can discuss with his / her peers in a respectful manner, if he / she has a vague idea about something, he / she can clear it and increase his / her own creative ability. A class teacher must have a clear idea of ​​what he is going to teach. A teacher will present an abstract subject to the student. An ideal teacher in the classroom. Gain a clear knowledge of the subject matter of his teaching by himself before teaching and this will be an ongoing process for any teacher.


The world is now one in our hands. The ideal class must be the teacher. As a person of nature, he will know about the teaching and learning process as much as he will know about the education policy of his country. Vahlei is an effective role model in the class as a successful teacher. Be able to teach. Just as hospitals give health to the body, libraries also give fullness of knowledge, soothe and enrich the people. A library is a storehouse of knowledge. So when you have time, you have to read and write intensively in the library. You have to play an effective role in using ICT along with daily newspapers. Can measure the appropriate improvement of teaching materials.

Teachers form a nation

An ideal class teacher will keep an eye on Sally so that the development of latent talents is not hindered by the assessment issue appearing to them as frightening. If the results of the assessment do not acquire knowledge and skills, then new strategies have to be adopted in teaching. The role of an ideal class teacher in the classroom will be like that of a commander in battle. The success of the nation depends on a successful teacher, just as the victory or defeat of a war depends on the Chief of Army Staff. Today’s students will lead the nation in the future. Therefore, the class teacher will be a skilled modern craftsman in creating the stimulus of education in the heart of these young raw students. A successful army chief.

The role of an ideal teacher in nation building cannot be expressed through language. When one of the students becomes a student of a prestigious university, a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, a teacher, an army chief, the chief of the air force, the head of a university, the teacher’s mind is filled with joy. This is the main responsibility of a class teacher in today’s age of globalization.

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