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According to NASA, they think that they will send people to Mars by 2030. The time can be reduced by going to Mars, through the new project from Canadian scientists. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Mars of India could reach the orbit of Mars in 298 days. NASA’s Spacecraft took time to reach Mars for 210 days. On this red planet, that is, take time to send people on Mars for 500 days, said the United States Space Practice Center. However, the scientists of Canada have recently been able to reduce this time by discovering this time. Scientists of Canada have claimed that they created a laser-based system through which is possible to reach only 45 days on Mars.

Earth to Mars in only 45 days

McGill University of Canada claimed that they created a Thermal Laser Propulsion System. And they use a laser to heat hydrogen. After throwing from the Earth, the photovoltaic array will provide energy in large-scale laser Spacecraft. And from this, electricity will be generated, and the spacecraft will continue with this powerful force. This spacecraft will get very fast nearby the world. The spacecraft will travel towards Mars for the next one month. Then, landing on Mars will be separated from the spacecraft and later the rest of the part will be brought back to the earth for the relaunch.

On Mars in 45 days

Earlier, scientists thought about reaching Mars in just six weeks which means 42 days. But it was through Fission-Powered Rocket. However, he had a radiological risk in the manner. But Canada’s scientists will not have any risk in using the method of driving the power energy directive. Canada’s engineers claim that the use of fast transport in the solar system through this system can be opened. This concept is not new to the direct energy farce. Currently, this technology is being used in Breakthrough Starship projects. This project is being sent to small light-based investigation operations in our nearest Star system in Proxima Century.

The journey to Mars will be much easier

Now the global eye of the world is on the planet of Mars. At present, send people to Mars for NASA. But NASA would like to go back to the moon before doing this. Recently, NASA gave information about the plan of a four-level mission in the Humans to Mars Summit (Humans to Mars Summit) held in Washington DC. It has been said that in the next few decades of operation, they expect more than one lunar campaign and build a residence there. Since then, the base camp of the people’s space expedition will be done. There will be more sent to the actual space transport rover (Deep Space Transport Rover). Which will later be used to send people to Mars. It is expected that a simulation of life will be conducted on Mars for one the year 2027. And the second and third stage expedition will be run from 2030.

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