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According to the new curriculum, there will be no separate department in secondary education from the 2024 academic year. At present, students have to take science, humanities, or business education in the ninth grade. And accordingly, further studies continue. However, the Ministry of Education has excluded the issue of changing the department to medium in the new curriculum. According to this decision, all the students from first to tenth class should study the same subject. There is no more division in the ninth and tenth class. All students must read the same ten subjects. And from next year, all educational institutions will have two days off on Fridays and Saturdays. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Education Minister Dipu Moni gave this information at a press conference of the Secretariat on 19 February 2022. He said all these decisions have been taken at the Motijheel National Curriculum and Textbook Board NCTB office. The new curriculum in class VI is being introduced in 62 educational institutions from February 22 on an experimental basis. And from March, new curricula will be piloted in more than 100 primary schools.

New Curriculum Start

According to the NCTB, after launching the new curriculum experimentally this year, the new curriculum will be introduced in 2023, first, second, sixth, and seventh grades. Third, fourth, eighth, and ninth grades in 2024 and fifth and tenth grades by 2025. It has been decided to introduce a new curriculum in class XI in 2026 and class XII in 2027.

According to the new curriculum, huge changes are going to take place in the evaluation system of students. All students from pre-primary to higher secondary have to provide the prescribed marks according to the learning time. In the new curriculum, it has been mentioned that no public examination will be taken till the tenth grade. Examinations and continuous learning activities will remain in force as a method of assessing students.

Excluding Section Changes

According to the newly published syllabus, the division of departments will be at the higher secondary level. All students from the sixth to tenth class will be taught ten identical subjects. In this regard, the Minister of Education mentioned that the new curriculum will be implemented step by step. He said that since 2024 new books for a ninth-grade will be made, there will be no more science, humanities, and business education from that year. Students of the new curriculum will have a new experience, said NCTB officials. The curriculum will also teach students how to apply their experience in real life.

Regarding the introduction of the new curriculum at the pre-primary level, the education minister said that teaching at the primary level is not starting now. It is expected that the primary level educational institutions will be opened from March 1 and then the experimental activities of the new curriculum will start.

The implementation of the new curriculum requires the interest of the students as well as the concentration of the students and the participation of the society. If these three stages are combined, no one will be able to stop the development of a nation.

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