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The month of February is called the month of language. On this day in 1971, the language martyrs brought their mother tongue Bengali by sacrificing their lives for this language. Rafiq, Shafiq, Barkat, Salam, and many others, starting from the lower class people, have acquired this language in exchange for the sacrifices and lives of millions of people. February 21 is also celebrated as International Mother Language Day. This day is celebrated very beautifully by many famous people from lower class to lower class people. On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, besides the cabinet, the newly elected committee of the Bangladesh Film Association also visited. To pay homage with flowers at the Shaheed Minar in memory of the language martyrs. They went to pay homage to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the language. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Concerning language martyrs

President of the association and filmmaker Ilyas Kanchan, filmmaker Ferdous, Nader Khan, Azad Khan, actress Nipun Akhter, Anjana, Amit Hasan, Emon, Keya, Jasmine Akhter, and many other members of the association were present there. However, Misha-Zayed said that most of the members of the panel did not take part in the ceremony. Most of the winners of Kanchan-Nipun Parishad were present there but none of the Misha-Zayed panel was there except Anjana Rahman. Elias Kanchan, president of the elected association, said that in the morning everyone went to pay their respects to the language martyrs but most of them did not take part in the Misha-Zayed panel. Although all the winners of the Misha-Zayed panel were informed, they did not participate.

Film Artists Association Election

But latest news was also published in this event which is about the post of general secretary of the association.

Kanchan-Nipun and Misha-Zayed councils are openly quarreling over the post of general secretary. On January 26, a biennial event was held with film artists and Zayed Khan was declared the winner of the election. But the appellate board declared actress Nipun Akter the winner of the same post and rejected Zayed Khan’s candidature. In the meantime, they appealed to the court as there was a lot of controversy over the post. Finally, the hearing will be held on February 22, they said. Now let’s see who will be in favor of today’s court hearing.

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