Today, on Friday 11th March, the examination of the direct recruitment process for the post of office assistant of the General Insurance Corporation was held at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And we will present his answer sheet to you in this discussion. Because if you are an applicant, today’s discussion is going to be very important for you. The test was supposed to be held earlier but for some reason it was not possible. The General Insurance Corporation therefore sets this date for the examination and informs in a notification. The examinations were held at two centers in Dhaka, Government Shaheed Suhrawardy College and Dhaka Govt. Muslim High School, respectively. In the first center 2160 people and in the second center 733 people were arranged. The total number of candidates was three thousand and thirteen. Through our discussion today you will be able to download the solution of General Insurance Corporation Recruitment 2022 question. Today through this discussion you will be able to download the answer sheet of the recruitment exam of the general insurance corporation which is completely accurate and 100% accurate. বাংলায় পড়ুন

General Insurance Corporation Question Solution 2022

Although the test was supposed to be taken earlier, the government considered the test to be canceled due to various complications including leaking of question papers. And informs to take later. Question paper leaks have now become one of the major problems for job seekers. Because all the recruiting candidates are being harassed very badly for a few dishonest candidates. Recruitment candidates try their best to start their career in some institutions after completing their studies. Because as soon as an applicant finishes his studies, all the responsibilities fall on his shoulders. And they tend to apply to different places in the hope of getting a job. The General Insurance Corporation decided to take their suspended test today. Today’s date was set in its continuation. So those who have participated in the job test can easily download the answer sheet of the general insurance corporation recruitment test through our discussion.

General Insurance Corporation Job Exam Question Solution

Today is a very unpleasant day for job seekers. Because different organizations have decided to take multiple recruitment exams today. In that case, it is seen that many candidates had applied in more than one institution and as a result of the examination being held on the same day, they are worried about which institution will give the examination against it. As a result of lack of coordination of these institutions, job seekers are facing various complications. On the one hand, as they are wasting money to apply, they are suffering a lot mentally. Talking to multiple job seekers, it is known that they become mentally weak due to this lack of coordination.

Because they apply for jobs in more than one organization, if they can’t take the exam after applying everywhere, then they face a lot of difficulties. In our discussion today, you will get the correct solution of the question paper of General Insurance Corporation Recruitment Examination 2022. We collect the question papers as soon as the test takes place, solve it by experienced teachers and try to reach you. We always make sure that the answer sheet you receive is 100% accurate. Because now we understand the importance of getting 100% correct answer in case of job seekers. In its continuation we try to sort out each of our discussions.

Insurance Corporation Job Exam 2022 PDF Download

The rules for applying for various recruitment exams including General Insurance Corporation are related to the application date notification card and we publish the results so if you are a job seeker then keep an eye on our site or you may lose a lot of important information

If you have any problem in understanding our discussion today, please let us know in the comments. We will try our best to solve all your problems.


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