Healthy Foods in Summer: People’s lives are now hectic due to intense heat. Various physical complications of the body started appearing in this summer. We must look into all these aspects. If you eat irregularly during this summer, you may suffer from various problems. So one should definitely look at the food in this intense heat. By following a few rules and moving accordingly, we can stay healthy even during this hot season. For our readers we are mentioning all these information through our article. বাংলায় পড়ুন

If you follow all the information that I will tell you through today’s discussion, you can definitely stay healthy in this intense heat. Try to follow these rules according to proper rules. Hope you stay healthy this summer.

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Let’s come back to the main discussion and know in detail about what kind of problems can be created in our body in this summer and by what means these problems can be avoided. Hope this discussion will be very useful for everyone.


Problems that Occur in Intense Heat

We can suffer from a variety of problems in severe depression. Many people suffer from diarrhoea, dysentery, dehydration, constipation, allergies, skin problems along with sleep disturbances and lethargy during this summer. Eating a lot of meat, oily food, fried or processed food in this summer can cause problems in our body. All these foods increase the heat in the body and cause various problems in the stomach including acidity.


We must survive all these problems in this summer. And to avoid such problems, we must follow certain procedures and take proper food. Information regarding what food we should eat and what food we should not eat this summer is given in detail below.


Healthy Foods in Summer

Information on what to eat or Healthy Foods in Summer in intense heat is mentioned below.

  • Everyone should drink moderate amounts of water during intense heat. Also, sugar-free or low-sugar fruit juices, canned water, lemon juice with saline and glucose can be consumed. Various fruit juices and saline meet the water requirements of our body.
  • You can eat seasonal fruits to stay healthy in summer. Mangoes, jams, ripe papayas, watermelons etc. are readily available in this summer. However, more than 4/5 of the jackfruit cannot be eaten. And it is better not to eat jackfruit after afternoon. Ripe jackfruit raises body temperature and can cause flatulence and digestive problems.
  • Eat more vegetables to stay healthy in summer. Vegetables such as Gourd, Jhinga, Chichinga, Patal, Dhundal etc. are now available in the market.
  • Yogurt for breakfast can be very healthy. Must have Cucumber as salad with lunch or dinner as it contains a lot of water. You can eat fruit or lacchi for afternoon snack and try to make dinner as light as possible. Eating light food at night helps sleep better.

If you want to stay healthy in intense heat, you must eat according to the rules.

What Not to Eat to Stay Healthy in Summer

In order to stay healthy in intense heat, certain types of food must be avoided. We are telling you all these information through the article entitled Healthy Foods in Summer.


  • Do not eat fried or oily food in hot weather.
    Do not drink tea, coffee more than twice a day. Tea and coffee absorbs water in the body and creates water voids.
  • Instead of drinking soft drinks, you can have homemade fruit juice or sherbet.
  • Of course, eat less meat and more fish in this intense heat, eat more vegetables.

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To stay healthy in summer, we must avoid such foods.



Many people are getting sick in this current intense heat. Extreme heat lowers our body’s immune system, which makes us easily susceptible to various diseases. To stay healthy this summer, we must eat certain foods and avoid certain foods.

Dos and don’ts to stay healthy in summer are detailed in our article today. Hope everyone can learn all the detailed information from our article and keep themselves healthy. Visit our website for any health related information. Thank you all so much for being with us.

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