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Giving birth to a child is truly a joyous occasion for every girl. Every mother has to wait nine long months to see and touch her child. Which is really a matter of patience. However, many mothers decide to have a cesarean section because of the pain of childbirth. And thus the number of Caesars is increasing day by day in our country. বাংলাতে পড়ুন

When mothers cannot bear the excruciating pain of childbirth, a caesarean section is performed. Again, many doctors, considering the commercial interests, avoid the normal childbirth method and tempt the mother and relatives for Caesar. However, compared to normal delivery, Caesar delivery has different side effects including side effects. Caesar is very risky for the health of every mother because a mother has to suffer different reactions throughout her life when she gives birth to a child through Caesar. Dr. Fahmida Ferdous, Assistant Professor Mother and Obstetrician at Dhaka Medical Hospital spoke on the subject. She said that any operation will have an effect on the body.

What could be the problem from Caesar

The major issue is that there is a possibility of subsequent hernia from the incision in the mother’s abdomen, and subsequent hernia, the skin of the abdomen becomes weak and protrudes out of the esophagus through the weak skin. Mothers are not able to lose weight as easily as Caesarean section after normal delivery. If we think about the time of our mother and aunt, it can be seen that the rate of Caesar is much higher now than then. The rate of normal delivery at that time was much higher than in our time. Many of them were delivered at home. Cesarean section has a significant effect on every mother, both physically and emotionally. However, this type of change may be different for up to 48 hours after surgery, you may have discomfort and nausea. Many mothers are given anesthetic drugs which can cause itching all over the body. Only girls who are aware of the dangers of this anesthetic are

themselves. Many times after surgery, there is a sudden burning sensation at the place of stitching and bleeding is normal for the next six weeks. Failure to exercise caution can lead to infection at the sewing site, which is a problem for every mother.

Problems that occur in Caesar

Let us know some of the harmful aspects of Caesar:

  1. There is a lot of bleeding.
  2. Excessive swelling or redness of the legs.
  3. Chest pain.
  4. Shortness of breath occurs.
  5. Puja or white fluid appears at the sewing site.
  6. Feeling of abnormal pain and bone loss at the stitches.

The side effects of the drugs that mothers take after Caesarean section can be detrimental to a mother throughout her life. In addition to the above physical problems, mothers also experience a variety of mental health problems such as severe restlessness, depression, anger, suicidal tendencies, husbands and children, or everyone else.

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