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Death is inevitable in human life. Yet none of us like this word. Everyone is afraid of it. And when the life of a loved one is at stake in a family, many things may not work in the minds of the bereaved members. Such as registering the death certificate of a deceased person within a specified time. But this work has to be done within 45 days of death and the registration of death is very important at the state level as it is required for the various activities of the family. বাংলায় পড়ুন

What is death registration

Death registration is the name of the deceased, date of death, place of death, gender, parents or spouse’s name written in the designated register and issuance of death certificate.

Where use of death registration?

Death registration is of various uses. For example, in the case of distribution of property of the deceased, death registration is very important for work such as receiving family pension etc. Many more jobs may require death registration. So it is necessary to register the death of a person very soon after his death.

How to apply for a death certificate

In case of death of any person one has to apply for death certificate. Death registration certificate does not have to go anywhere now. You can apply online from home. You can apply for a deceased person’s death certificate by following a few steps without any hassle.

All you need to do is apply for a death certificate

Below is all the information you need to apply for a death certificate

  • Anyone applying for a death certificate must have an online birth registration
  • If a person does not have a birth registration then the person has to register the birth first then can apply for death certificate
  • Husband or wife of deceased person must have birth registration
  • The deceased must have the national identity card of the spouse

If you have all this information, you can apply online for the death certificate of the deceased.

Rules for applying for death certificate

  • First you need to click on this link
  • Then provide the birth registration number and date of birth of the deceased and click on the search button.
  • Then click on the ‘Select’ text at the bottom
  • Go here and select country, division, district, upazila municipality / union and click on next text
  • Then enter the date of death of the deceased, how he died, the number of birth registration of the deceased husband or wife, the number of the national identity card of the deceased husband or wife, the name of the deceased husband or wife in Bengali and English and click on the next text.
  • Provide information on the place where the deceased died and when the information is provided correctly click on the next text
  • Now you have to give the information of the person who wants to apply for the deceased
  • Click on the next entry with the applicant’s birth registration number and national identity card number and a phone number and the address of the applicant correctly.
  • Now check to see if there is any mistake in providing any information. If it is wrong then click on previous and if everything is correct then click on submit.
  • Then a pop-up menu will appear in front of you where you submit the date of death of the deceased.

Then the death certificate of the deceased will be applied online. Now you can print the application form. For this you have to print the application form by clicking on print below.

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