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At present we use the internet most of the time. And while using the internet, we often encounter slow internet. As a result, many of our user’s work stops. We have to read a lot of difficulties due to slow internet. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Also, we often see amazing data ads but they do not work very often. For this reason, the internet slow thing is an obstacle to doing any necessary work. And for this reason, before doing any important work, it is necessary to check the internet speed. When the internet speed is good then any necessary work can be done properly. As a result, we do not have to face any problems. Many of us don’t know how to check internet speed. Today I will discuss through this post how you can check the internet speed of your phone. How to check internet speed. The first is that you can check the internet speed by installing the app on your mobile phone. Or through some websites, you can easily know the internet speed from mobile phone and computer. Let’s discuss in detail how you can check your internet speed.

How to check internet speed with apps

Checking the internet with apps is one of the easiest ways to check internet speed. All you need to do is install a good app on your mobile phone from which you can check the internet speed. You will find many in the Play Store to check the internet speed. To download the app, you enter the Play Store, check the internet speed, and search. Then you will see many applications. Install any one of these on your phone. Then you can enter that and check the internet speed of your phone. However, in the case of computers or laptops, there is no application to check the internet speed. Therefore, to check the internet speed on your computer or laptop, you need to use some websites which are discussed below.

How to Check internet speed from website

Although it is very easy to check the internet speed on mobile through the application, it is not very easy to check the internet speed using the app in the case of a laptop computer. So from a computer or laptop, you can test internet speed through the website if you want. You can also use the website to test the speed of your mobile phone. So let’s take a look at some websites to test internet speed.

If you want to install a laptop or computer, you can check the internet speed. To check the internet speed, first, you have to enter this website As soon as you enter the website, the speed testing of your device will start. And in a moment, it will show you the internet speed on your device. According to many, it has internet speed-dependent results.

The Singapore Broadband Speed ​​Test

The most accurate results I have seen are www. speed through this website. If you want to check the internet speed of your device, you need to enter this website. After entering you will see the text Go in a circle. Clicking there will start the internet speed test and in a moment you will get the results of your download and upload speed. You will also see all the information starting from your IP address to your hostname IP address.

Another select online internet checking tool is Test This will allow you to check the internet speed of your phone. After entering this site you will get three options. The first is to test the download speed, the second is to check the upload speed and the last option is to test the automatic speed. Clicking on any one of them will take you to another page. There you have to click another then the download or upload speed test will start. You have to wait for a while to get the final result.

Ookla Speed ​​Test

There is another great tool for speed tests where you can know the speed of your internet by clicking. Go to the homepage of the  tool and you will see a blueprint written Go. As soon as you click on this scholarship, your speed test will start. After some time you will get the results.

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