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Downloading a movie or a file from a torrent site is very reliable and very easy. Many people have to face many problems while downloading any file from other sites. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Many people can not download the file properly. Again, many people go to different sites to download from one site. This can lead to various viruses on your computer or mobile phone. We use torrent sites to avoid this and to download any file very easily. Many people know about torrent sites but many do not know how to download. Today we will discuss how to download files from some popular torrent sites. So let’s learn how to download files from torrent site without delay.

Torrent file download software

The first thing we need to do to download a file from torrent is a torrent downloader or torrent client. You will find many types of torrent downloaders on the internet but today we will talk about some popular and good quality torrent downloaders. You can use qBittorrent or utorrent ‘to download torrent files. However, utorrent ‘paid app. If you want to use torrent for free, the easiest and best quality torrent downloader is qBittorrent. How to download qBittorrent is discussed in detail below.

How to download qBittorrent

To download qBittorrent, first go to Google search box and search by typing qBittorrent. The first website that will come after that is After entering this site you will see a section called Download Click there. Clicking will come as below.

Click here to see the download link 32-bit and 64-bit installers. Clicking here will take you to a page like the one below.

Now you can download the 32 or 64 bit software according to the configuration of your PC. Once the software is downloaded, install it like all other software. Once the torrent software is downloaded and installed, all you have to do is download the file from the torrent. So let’s find out how to download. Here we will tell you how to download from the three most popular sites.


The rules for downloading from every torrent site are almost the same. We download in two ways

  1. Via magnet link
  2. Via torrent file. At the end of that file is extension.torrent.

How to download file from

First you enter this link from any browser. After entering, search for your desired file in the search box above.

After searching you will see some results. Click on the one you want to download.

Now you have 2 methods in front of you, you can download via magnet download or you can download through torrent download. Click on Meghna Download B Car to download from Admit link. After clicking, a popup window will appear in front of you asking you to open the file on Cupid torrent. Now you click on Open qBittorrent- A Bittorrent Client.

After opening, an interface like below will appear. There will be some more information about the size of your file. Now when you see everything and press OK, the download will start.

How to download through Torrent Download.

To download through torrent download you have to click on Torrent Download. After clicking, some more options will open below from which we can download the xxx.torrent file. Clicking on the last link will bring up the following interface.

Here you will be asked to fill out a captcha. Fill in the captcha correctly and your xxx.torrent file will be downloaded as soon as you click the download button. Then click on ok as before and the download will start.

How to download from TorrentGalaxy

You can easily download any file from TorrentGalaxy like through Meghna Chatterjee. However has a very nice feature and that is that here on the homepage your magnet link and torrent link are separated. As soon as you search any file, you can download the file from there via Magnet or Torrent. If you search any file in TorrentGalaxy’s search box, some list of that file will come as before. You will get the link. Now you can download the file just like

How to download from Thepairatebay

All other torrent sites will get .torrent file. But on thispairatebay website you will find only magnet file link. To download the file from thepairatebay enter this link

Then you search for the file of your choice.

Once you have received the file, click on the file and log in. Click on GET THIS TORRENT at the bottom of the description of the file. Then you download the file just like before.

There is one more fun thing about downloading any file from torrent. If you have three or four files in a torrent file, you can download any or any of the two or all the files of your choice from there if you want. To do this, leave a tick mark on the file of your choice and remove it from the rest of the files by pressing the OK button. Your ticked files will only be downloaded. I hope it will not be a problem to understand. If there is any problem after that, let us know in the comments box. We will try to solve the problem.

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