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We need to download YouTube videos for many reasons. We also often try to download some music, movie, and video files from YouTube. But we can’t find any way to download videos from YouTube. বাংলায় পড়ুন

There is also an option to download the YouTube app. But if we download through the termination, the file is deleted again within 30 days. So if we want to download a file permanently, it is no longer possible. We keep looking for different apps to solve this problem. But we can’t use any good app because we don’t know. Today I will share with you some apps through which you can easily download video files from YouTube. You can also download YouTube video files in mp3 format if you want. By doing this, those who are music lovers will be able to download any music on YouTube in the form of audio if they like it. It is also possible to download YouTube files through various websites. Today we will discuss in detail all the methods to download video files from YouTube. So let’s get started.

How to download YouTube video files through the website

First, let’s discuss how you can download any permanent video file on YouTube to your device through the website. Many can download YouTube files through the website. But most people do not know how to download YouTube videos through the website. So today we will discuss that. I will give below some links of websites through this link you can download any video file of youtube.

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    Link 3:

    Link 4:

You can download the file by pasting any video link of your Youtube into the above four websites.

Now you may be wondering how to get the link to the video file of YouTube? I’m telling you, how do you get any video links on Youtube. If you watch videos on YouTube from mobile. Then play the video you want to download then click on the share option below the video. Now the first option that will come in front of you is the copy link. Click on it and the link to that video will be instantly copied to your phone. If you play YouTube from a computer or laptop browser, the video link will be copied by copying the link from the address bar by playing the video that you will download. Then enter any one of the above four websites and paste the link of the video then you can download the file.

Download YouTube videos with Vidmate Apps

If you are an Android phone user: You must have heard the name of the vidmate app. YouTube videos can be easily downloaded through the Vidmate app. So now let’s discuss in detail how to download the Vidmate application and how to download videos on YouTube through it.

If you want to download tube videos through Vidmate, you must first download the Vidmate app. You can access this link at After entering this link you click on the Official Download. Then the Vimeo app will be downloaded. After downloading the Vidmate app, you can play any video on your YouTube and select the Vidmate by clicking on the share option and it will show which resolution you will download the video. And as soon as you select the resolution of the video to download, your YouTube video download will start. You can also download videos from any site from the vidmate. app or Youtube videos or you can find and download many kinds of videos directly there.

Download YouTube videos with Snaptube

I will share another YouTube downloader with you and that is Snaptube. With the Snaptube app, you can easily download any video file from YouTube. You can also download the file in audio format if you want. To download YouTube’s video files, you first need to download this app from Playstore. To download from the Play Store, enter the Play Store and search by typing Snaptube. Click on the app to install. Then in the same process as Vidmate, you can download any YouTube file through Snaptube. You can also download the video from any video link via Snaptube. For this, copy the link of any video and paste it inside Snaptube, then your desired video file will be downloaded.

Today I have tried to explain through this post how you can download video files from Youtube. I hope you all understand the matter nicely. If you have trouble understanding how to download video files from Youtube, let us know in the comments. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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