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How to Increase Battery Backup in Your Smartphone  : One thing that always strikes a chord in the minds of all smartphone users. And that is the battery level. There are many people who reduce the brightness of the phone for fear of running out of battery so much that it becomes difficult to see anything on the skin. All this is done in the hope of getting a little more battery backup. There are also many more methods or techniques that if followed will increase the battery backup of your smartphone unimaginably. So let’s find out without delay what methods you can use to increase your battery backup.  বাংলায় পড়ুন


Poor network service is fatally detrimental to the phone’s battery backup. In places where the network is worse than the network capacity of your phone, the battery power is used excessively in the use of internet and voice call services. Because it is frequently reconnected, if your phone is low in charge, the battery life will be saved if the phone’s flight mode is turned on in these places. However, when the flight mode is turned on, the phone’s network is completely disconnected, so in this case, your phone will not receive any calls and phone data can not be used.

When you need to turn off the flight mode, the phone will return to the network, but in flight mode, the phone’s WiFi works.

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Different apps on your phone may send you notifications for different reasons. Due to notifications like Facebook Comment Messenger Message Emon Miscall etc. your phone’s battery charge is low. Such applications tend to automatically refresh the background to show new messages from time to time. So if you want to get more battery backup, then go to the notification settings in these apps on the phone and make arrangements to get as few notifications as possible.

How to Increase Battery Backup in Your Smartphone

Background app

Applications like Facebook, Skype Messenger, Imo, WhatsApp, etc. are running in the background. If you do not want to be notified, you can turn off their autostart permission

GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi

Turn on any service like Bluetooth or GPS that uses the battery power of your phone. So never turn on GPS Bluetooth WiFi unnecessarily.

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You must have noticed the amount of charge required for taking pictures and recording videos. Taking pictures, especially video, requires a lot of charge for the work of the camera. At this time, you can turn off all other services of the phone and focus only on taking pictures or videos. This will save at least some battery. And refrain from using Plus unnecessarily

Use of GPS Techniques

You can use GPS while on the move. But not all girls need to use GPS-only on Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. This way your battery consumes extra power so you don’t get battery backup. Use it moderately for any purpose. If you want to go somewhere, download the Google map there beforehand. Then you can go there and use it offline. It will not consume any energy for networking.

Screen Brightness Control

Turn off the auto brightness feature on the skin. When it is turned on, the phone’s sensor always works and the brightness of the screen is more or less according to the light around you. This consumes extra battery power. Set yourself a specific screen brightness level rather than SMS. If necessary, change it again after a while.

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Live Wallpapers and Widgets

Phone live wallpaper costs more than normal wallpaper. So stop using live wallpapers if you want more battery backup. And if your phone uses a Super AMOLED display, use black wallpaper on the phone. Then you will get a relatively high charge backup. Using different widgets like weather email news etc. which are updated from time to time will be useful to increase the battery backup.

How to Increase Battery Backup in Your Smartphone

Extra Hot or Cold Place

Excessive heat or cold can damage the battery of this phone. 15 degrees Celsius is the norm for mobile phone batteries. If the temperature is higher than that, it will lose its performance. And up to a maximum temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, the battery will be safe from immediate damage.

Software Updates

Keep your phone’s operating system and apps up to date as developers constantly strive to make applications and OS more user-friendly. So the updated software is more likely to be good for the battery.

2G / 3G / 4G

Using 3G and 4G network phones consumes more battery power than its 2G network. Although 2G networks have low internet speeds and in some cases the voice quality is a bit low, you can use the 2G network only to get more battery backups if you want to comply with this limitation. 2g 3g 4g network can be selected by going to network settings on the phone.

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For the vibration feature of the phone, a small motor is placed in the mobile. It definitely costs a good amount of charge. So turn off the vibration in case of touch and other effects. Keep in mind that if you turn off the vibration in case of phone call, it may cause inconvenience to you on the go, so you have to decide when the vibration will be and when it will not be.

Power Saving Mode

Every smartphone has battery saving or power saving mode. In case of iPhone it is called low power mode. Most of the phone’s background apps are closed when using these moments. The brightness of the screen decreases.

After reading our discussion, you will learn about some unknown strategies to increase the battery backup of a smartphone. Visit our website to get necessary information like this.

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