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We are more or less familiar with the word online and this is called online income. Almost all of us have heard the word online income but there is a big difference between what everyone thinks about it. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Many people think that there is no such thing as online income and many people think that it is difficult to earn income online. Again, many people say that income is not possible on mobile. Again, many could not learn anything by investing money. However, our idea is wrong. It is possible to earn money online and many people make money online. Today we will show you some simple ways through which you can earn money online. If you read our discussion completely, you will know the ways to earn money online. So if you are looking for a way to earn money online, read our article carefully.

How to Earn Money online

I have already said that it is possible to earn Money online, but for this you have to have morale, honesty and hard work. And you have to have net connection and computer or mobile phone. However, it is true that not all work is possible with mobile phone, some work requires your computer. This does not mean that it is not possible to earn money with mobile. It is possible to earn money through mobile phone. One thing we need to know before making income online is why we will Earn Money online.

Many of us students and housewives want to be self-sufficient without taking money from others. Again those who are employed want to make an extra income out of fixed income. Hey, online income is the best option to fulfill all the demands. Because it does not require any fixed time, you can earn income at any time. However, it is possible to earn enough to run the whole family from online Earn. Here we will discuss about 10 easy ways to earn income online so read this post carefully.

10 Ways to Make Income Online

Here are ten ways to earn money online, so read this article carefully.


In today’s age of information technology we are very much dependent on technology so we are doing everything online starting from our own shopping. And in this case, if you are a seller, then there will be income. Many people earn millions of rupees a month just by opening the page and selling the product. However, in this case, patience is required a lot and you need to know the market policy.

Affiliate Marketing:

The term affiliate marketing is not very familiar to us, but even if it is not known enough to make a lot of money through this marketing, let’s give a brief idea about affiliate marketing. There are currently thousands of products sold in the marketplace called e-commerce. Each of these e-commerce sites has an option called affiliate marketing. From there you can create an account and copy the link to their product and share it. If you sell the product through your shared link you will get some commission from there. So if you want, you can make income from affiliate marketing from now on.

Referral Income:

The easiest way to generate income online is through referrals. This is the development offer that is running. If you refer, if your referee installs the app and logs in, you will get a certain amount of money and you can withdraw it if you want. There are many apps like bKash from which you can earn income by referring. If you are in Bangladesh you can take money from all apps through bKash. However, in this case, additional income can not be expected. There are many sites that claim to pay a lot more for referrals but these are actually mostly fake.

Take Pictures and Earn Income:

In today’s world there are very few people who do not use smartphones. You can earn income online by taking a picture with the camera of your smartphone. There are some websites with which you can earn income by taking some unique pictures of beautiful people around you. In this case, if you can edit a little and upload pictures, your income will be much higher. There are various websites for selling pictures online but the most popular are shutterstock, 500px, Envato etc. They pay the most to the photographers.

Blogging Income:

Blogging is one of the oldest and most effective online methods. This method can earn a good amount of money, but in this case you need talent and hard work and patience. Blog Like a news paper you will write about what you know and what you need to know is that this is also a blog that you are reading about online income now. Every human being is heard to know something or other. You can start your income by writing on the subject that you also know about.

Freelancing Income:

Currently the place where most people are working is freelancing. It is possible to earn lakhs of rupees per month by freelancing. The government is encouraging everyone in freelancing. Maybe in the coming days it will become a popular profession. For freelancing you need to have an international market price account such as fiber freelancer etc. In this case, foreign buyers will hire you for work online. If you can make them work, it will give you a good amount. However, if you want to do freelancing, you must be proficient in any one subject such as graphic design, photo editing, web design, website marketing, copywriting, content writing, logo design, etc.

Watch the video online:

Not many people know about the possibility of making money online by watching videos. Although many people do not believe in knowing the truth about making money by watching videos online, but it is true, but remember that there are many online sites that talk about making money by watching videos but are comfortable. Usually such websites attract people with various kinds of glamorous advertisements. One thing to keep in mind is to always watch videos from any website and never pay too much. Whenever you see any website talking about extra love, you will understand that it is a fake site. .

Income From Social Media:

In the current era, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are being used a lot. We just use them for chatting and wasting time. But by using these you can earn a lot of income every month. Through these social media you can earn money from different companies through advertisements. But in this case you have to patiently hold the fan follower.

Revenue from YouTube:

If you have a talent for happiness, you can use it to earn money from YouTube. That means you can dance very nicely. In that case you open a channel on YouTube every day or one day in a row or you upload a video of the dance there. If viewers like your video, you can get 1000 subscriptions very fast. Now it is possible to earn 1000 subscriptions from YouTube. Once you start earning income on YouTube, you can earn a lot of income every month. Many people think that only funny videos get more views from the viewers. However, it is not possible to make money from YouTube for a long time. Request you to make good quality videos and educational videos without thinking about the fan followers. In this case, even if it takes you a little time, you will be able to earn enough income later.

Income with Online Lessons:

There are many of us who are involved in teaching as well as teachers and we have an income per month. But with the development of the age, education is not limited to offline. There are many online schools in our country. You can start working on the idea by visiting their site.

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