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Raihan uploaded a Content on Facebook one day. And like everyone else, she waits for the likes and comments on that content. The likes and comments of the content came, but he did not get the expected result. Because despite having 5000 friends on Facebook, only 200 likes of his content have been read. In this case, it is better to say that his content was good enough and this content would get more likes. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Why not like his content? Today we will answer this question. Depending on how many people read this content, more or less like it. In this case, you have uploaded content on Facebook has not reached everyone else in your friend list, in which case your chances of getting likes are much less. But if your content reaches everyone, then of course you will get more likes or comments.

From our discussion today you will know how to post a picture or Content on Facebook or upload a content in a good amount or as you expect you will get a like comment. We all post pictures and Content on Facebook. And many of us expect a like comment in a post or picture. But not everyone gets the same like comments. Many times it is seen that there are 5000 friends on Facebook but 100 likes. What is the reason behind this? Many people want to know.
Content on Facebook

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Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly is that when it comes to posting on Facebook, there are a number of issues that can be addressed. When you post a wish, but you don’t get equal engagement on Facebook because the traffic on Facebook is not always the same, it is not the same every day.

When You Upload Content on Facebook

An organization called Scout Social has published a report on its website about when to upload content. But this year the situation has changed quite a bit. According to the report, posting content very early in the morning from Monday to Friday is likely to get the most engagement and more people will see that content.


The Right Time

There is a possibility of getting good engagement from Monday to Friday from 3 pm on the other hand good engagement can be obtained from 10 am on Tuesday.

Which day can you get the most benefit from a Facebook post? In this case, it can be posted from Monday to Friday.

When you post, the engagement comes the least? Content investment is lowest when uploading content to Facebook on Saturday, so content should not be uploaded to Facebook on Saturday.

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