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While using the smartphone, various advertisements suddenly appear on the screen of the phone. An important part of your life that is extremely frustrating. These ad images are often seen when entering each app. It may be embarrassing for you to give your child the phone to watch a cartoon when suddenly an adult comes across an advertisement for a post or video. I will discuss in this post today how you can stop this embarrassing ad. So let’s find out. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Why do ads come on mobile?

When we download apps from Google Play Store (Google Play Store) or any other App Store (App Store) and install them on our mobile, then those apps contain Advertising Script and some Adware Virus or Ad-Framework. ad-framework) which is installed on your mobile with this app. As a result, when you make an internet connection on an Android mobile, these viruses or advertising scripts start working automatically. As a result, the owners or developers of apps make money through these ads. App developers use this type of adware virus or script to lure more money. As a result, ads are shown on your mobile phone again and again and the amount of income of the developers increases even more. However, there are some rules to stop such ads that I will share with you today

How to turn off annoying ads on the phone

There are different ways to block these ads on different brands of phones. It is possible to stop annoying ads on the phone by applying some settings through the settings or apps in the phone.

Exactly if you do not understand which apps are showing such ads or adds on your mobile. Then you can do a simple task. And first of all you have to save all the necessary files of your phone in Google Drive or any other memory. Then go directly to the format option on your mobile and do a factory reset. Then hopefully the annoying ad on your phone will be 100% solved.

But if you do not want to get in trouble, you can try the following four methods.

1. Android phone settings

There are some general rules for turning off ads from Android smartphones

  • First you need to go to the settings of your smartphone
  • Then go there and find the option called Google and click.
  • After entering here you will see an option called Ads. Click there
  • Then click on the Reset Advertising ID option and reset.

That’s all there is to phone settings. When the work is done, hopefully your phone will not get annoying ads.

2. Browsing settings

These annoying ads can also be turned off from the phone’s browser.

  • To do this, first go to the phone’s Google Chrome browser and search by typing ‘My Activity’.
  • After the search results come, click on this link Welcome to my activity.
  • Then click Drop-down Menu on the top left of the site.
  • Then you have to click on the option named ‘Activity Control’.
  • Go down a little from there and you have to click on the write option
  • After that Ads Personalization is on go here and turn off ON.
  • Then go to settings again by clicking on the three dot menu at the top right. There you will see an option called Site Settings.
  • By clicking on that option, the cookies will be forwarded to Block Third-Party Cockies (ON) and the ad will stop coming.

3. Use of Malwarebytes Security Antivirus

Malwarebytes Security Antivirus is an antivirus app that will find all kinds of adware viruses or ad scripts on your Android mobile and then remove them from the mobile. Malwarebytes Security Antivirus Apps is a premium app you need to buy and use. However, it can be used as a trial for 30 days.

4. Remove Entrusted Apps

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Not at all. You always have to try to install apps from Google Play Store. Because almost all the apps in Google Play Store are virus free. The job of the app is to find out the apps with the virus. Then you have to delete it manually.

Hopefully, if you follow some methods, you will get rid of the annoying advertisements that come on your phone.

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