Summer is the first season in Bangladesh, a country of six seasons. However, summer does not start very hot because summer starts with summer. However, it is not very hot in summer, but the real heat starts from the senior month. বাংলায় পড়ুন

There is a lot of warmth from the beginning of the month. Which creates unbearable. Now the heat has started even though it is Falgun month. However, there is a hint of heat from this month. The temperature has not risen much yet. However, it is close to 29 degrees Celsius in the whole country including the capital. As it intensifies, the temperature will rise to 50 degrees or more. The meteorological office reports the probable weather almost every day for the next 5 days just like it gives the probable weather report almost every day. However, there is not much chance of rain in summer, it is also known in advance from the weather message. The forecast also tells us what will happen or not. But just as no extra thing is good, just too much extra heat is not good. Because of the heat, people get sick from various diseases. Even this time is very risky for children and adults. They should be more careful. Children and adults get sick with a very common disease in summer. That is heat stroke which is cold heat in Bengal. Before learning how to get relief from heat, let’s first learn about heatstroke.

Let’s find out what a heatstroke is

Heatstroke is a condition in which the body temperature rises due to excessive temperature of the environment. Occasionally this temperature may rise to 108 degrees Fahrenheit and even closer. It’s a complex situation that happens all of a sudden. Everyone’s opinion on this subject is the same. A doctor at ICDDR’B, a well-known hospital in Dhaka. Alia Nahid said that no matter the outside temperature, our body is able to keep the temperature almost constant to keep it in order. Heatstroke causes the body temperature to rise rapidly and sweating to stop.


  • Unconsciousness due to not being able to tolerate excessive heat.
  • Increase in body temperature with intense heat.
  • Headache in hot weather, dizziness.
  • Unconsciousness of not being able to bear the heat.
  • Not sweating with increase in body temperature in hot weather.
  • The skin becomes hot and dry in hot weather.
  • Increased heart rate in the body.
  • Vomiting.
  • Occasionally feeling muscle tension and physical weakness.
  • Shortness of breath, mental confusion and convulsions due to heat.

First aid

If you become unconscious due to heatstroke and if no one can catch it. This is the work that should be done at this time

In the first case, the patient should first lie down in one place and then breathe all over the body, especially on the head. The whole body should be wiped wet as soon as possible.

Body temperature should be reduced. So to reduce the temperature as soon as possible, use ice packs on the neck, back, armpits and groin.

Unnecessary clothes should be removed from the body of the infected person. This is because the person suffering from heatstroke has to allow air to enter as much as possible inside. Even if possible the heatstroke person should be kept in a cold or air-conditioned room.

Be careful of heatstroke. Now let us know the ways.

Gorom theke bacar upai

  • First of all, let’s talk about clothes. At this time it is necessary to read a lot of clothes. For example, it is better to wear soft, thin and light colored clothes at this time. It is also comfortable and again you can get some relief from the effects of heat.
  • When leaving the house, however, apply sunscreen or use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun. Because who should avoid the hot sun. And to avoid the sun, good quality sunscreen will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Eat fruit juice. Because fruit juices contain a lot of vitamins and sour fruits contain vitamin-C. Which acts as an antioxidant which enhances the immunity of the human body. And in summer there are many types of fruits which are very beneficial for the body.
  • Meat should not be eaten too much in summer. Especially beef, because beef is high in cholesterol. Excess beef is harmful to health because beef contains cholesterol, fat and sodium. Increased cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. So those who have high cholesterol in their blood should refrain from eating extra beef. In hot weather, beef is very risky for people with high blood pressure.
  • Dehydration of the body should be avoided. So keep eating different kinds of fruit juices and water in excess. So that the body does not become dry due to lack of water.
  • If you are in hot weather, you must drink saline water. Because saline contains sodium, potassium and many more. Which helps a lot to keep the body fresh.
  • Pay attention to the lack of heat in the body. Of course pay attention to the urine. The color of urine is dark but it is due to lack of water. So you must pay attention to the color of the urine.
  • Rain can happen at any time in summer so be sure to keep something like umbrella or hat in the bag and polythene.
  • Try to go through the shadows when going out. The shade protects even a little from the intense heat of the sun, so to avoid the sun, avoid the direct sun and walk with the shade.
  • The last resort is better not to leave the house in hot weather. There is no need to leave the house without a very urgent need. Anyway, even in the good extra heat of the house, then there is a little relief.

And yes, coconut water is very useful to keep the body fresh in hot weather. In this way, it is possible to save yourself in hot weather. Let’s save ourselves from the unbearable heat and help others to survive.

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