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Many times in our daily work, we need to take a screenshot to send a message in a computer position. If there is a problem with my computer, if you want to get the help of experts, they send me a screenshot. Then we need to take a screenshot of that problem. But many of us can’t take screenshots on a computer. Today we will discuss how to take screenshots easily on a computer. If you want to know how to take a screenshot on the computer then read this post carefully. If you read this post carefully, you will learn about some of the easy ways to take screenshots on your computer. So let’s get to know the methods without delay. বাংলায় পড়ুন

The first method:

There is a special button named PrtSc or Print Screen / Sys Rq have on almost all keyboards. Many of us do not know what this button can be used for. Again, many people use this key just to print any page. But this key is not just for printing, using this key you can quickly take screenshots of any information on the computer screen. To take a screenshot, just press Windows Key + PrtSc or Print Screen / Sys Rq on the computer keyboard together and the screenshots will come up. This screenshot will be saved to your drive. Now if you want C: \ Users \ <your user name> \ Picture screenshots you will get this address. Your screenshot will be saved in png format. Now the specific address can be seen on the screen by clicking on this screenshot.

The second method:

In this modern age, screenshots play a very big role for computer users or mobile users. The second method of taking screenshots on a computer is discussed here.

If you want to copy the instant image on the screen and save it to the Windows keyboard, then press Alt + PrtSc or Print Screen / Sys Rq Key together.

This way you can take screenshots if you want.

The third method:

You can take screenshots of specific parts of the screen using the Windows Sleeping Tour program. To do this, you need to press Windows Key + Shift Key + S Key on your keyboard together. Then hold down the mouse button to select the location of the part you want to use as a screenshot. If you have Windows Notifications turned on on your computer, a screenshot saved with a small pop-up will appear as a notification.

You can also easily take regular screenshots of the computer screen after 03 seconds or 10 seconds using Windows’ Snip and Sketch app.

You can also take screenshots through various apps, in which case you need to have the software installed on your Windows to take screenshots.

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