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HSC 2022 Short Syllabus

Short syllabus has been published for 2023 HSC students. The syllabus was recently published on the official website of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. In a press release, Education Minister Dipu Moni first mentioned the short syllabus of SSC and HSC candidates for 2023. He said that the SSC and HSC examinations of 2023 will be held in a completely new manner. And like 2022, 2023 SSC and HSC exams and taking according to the short syllabus. Welcome to today’s discussion for those of you who are going to participate in the HSC examination of 2023. In today’s discussion we will provide detailed information about the short syllabus for HSC candidates of 2023. Stay tuned to our discussion for detailed information about HSC Short Syllabus 2023. বাংলায় পড়ুন

HSC 2023 short syllabus

You all know that the short syllabus of HSC 2022 exam has already been published. Students are already preparing according to the syllabus and their exams will be taken according to this syllabus. Those of you who have not already downloaded the short syllabus of HSC Exam 2022 can download it from the link below.

In this discussion we will mainly mention information about HSC syllabus for 2023. The HSC examination of 2023 will be taken as per the short syllabus given to the HSC candidates of 2022.

HSC 2022 Short Syllabus Download

HSC Exam 2023 Short Syllabus

Due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time due to the Karna epidemic, huge changes have taken place in the education system of Bangladesh. We know that HSC examinations would start from the first or second day of April every year. However, it was not possible to take any test at the time allotted for the coronation period. And that results in a big change in the test schedule.

The HSC examination for the 2020-2021 academic year was held in December 2021. And to take HSC examination for the students of 2021-2022 academic year next August as announced. It has been decided to conduct the 2023 HSC examination according to the same syllabus as the short syllabus for the HSC candidates of 2021-2022 academic year. Detailed information on this subject is given below.

HSC 2023 Exam Subjects

Students will not be allowed to take any test on ICT or Information and Communication Technology in HSC 2022. The announcement was made recently by the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education authorities. Students will be tested in all other subjects. The same rules will be followed for HSC candidates of 2023. In this test also subject test in information and communication technology will not be taken.

The Education Minister also said that the HSC examination of 2023 will be held in a completely new manner. In other words, even if the examination is conducted in the same syllabus, the procedure will be completely different. And other information including value distribution will be provided within the stipulated time. You will be able to find out from our website as soon as the distribution and other information is published through the website of the Ministry of Education.

When will the HSC 2023 exam be?

The Minister of Education has announced the probable date of HSC 2023 examination. In a recent press release, he said that he will take HSC examination in April 2023 and HSC examination in June 2023. This means that it is expected that all the syllabus of the students will be completed within this stipulated time and the examination will be completed smoothly.

If all the plans of the Ministry of Education are right and no epidemic or danger is faced again, all the activities will be completed in a proper way.

In today’s discussion we have mentioned the detailed information about the newly published short syllabus of 2023 HSC candidates. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. Also visit our website for any information. Thank you all for being with us.

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