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Your educational institution was closed for a long time due to coronavirus.  Therefore, considering your words, the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has reduced the syllabus by 50% and published a new syllabus today.  So you can download these syllabus from us in PDF format here. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Welcome to our discussion today for HSC 2022 candidates.  If you are a candidate for HSC 2022 then your discussion today is just for you.  The Ministry of Education has announced the probable date of publication of examination routine for HSC 2022 candidates.  All the students of HSC 2022 will be happy to know that the HSC examination will be held on 22nd August 2022 by the Ministry of Education. HSC examination is an important examination for the students in the education system of Bangladesh.  HSC examinations are held in the first week of April every year. However, due to the last two years, the HSC examination schedule has changed.  HSC exam 2021 was held about seven months after the scheduled time.  And it is based on a short syllabus. 

HSC Routine 2022

You must be aware of short syllabus.  However, I am presenting some information to you. You must be aware of HSC short syllabus. Students who will participate in HSC exam 2022 must know about HSC short syllabus 2022. Because through HSC short syllabus 2022 students finish all their courses on time  Have to.  HSC Exam 2022 will be held based on short syllabus.  Students will take part in the test on a total of three practical subjects.  The HSC exam will be held in the first week of July. The HSC exam routine will be published one month before the start of the exam. Those of you who are going to participate in HSC exam 2022 will get all the information about HSC exam and SSC routine 2022 from our website.  Will get  So you can update all the information about HSC exam by visiting our website regularly.

HSC Routine 2022 PDF Download

 Finally, the date of HSC examination 2022 has been published.  The Ministry of Education has informed that HSC examination 2022 will be held in accordance with the health rules.  The decision was taken at a joint conference meeting of Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni and chairmen of various boards.  And from their decision it is known that this year HSC exam 2022 will be held by reducing the exam number and time.  All the students who are preparing for HSC exams need to work harder and prepare better. Those who want to get the results of HSC exam 2022 should concentrate on their studies from now on.  Students can expect better results in exams if they concentrate on their studies from now on.

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