Lost Voter ID Card Download: We sometimes lose National Identity Card or Voter ID Card due to many urgent tasks or carelessness. As voter ID card is very important information for us and it is required in every aspect of life so it is necessary to collect it again as soon as possible. But to Lost Voter ID Card Download card officially, we have to adopt some methods. We have tried to mention the detailed information about how to Lost Voter ID Card Download from this article. Those of you who have lost your voter ID card and are facing various inconveniences can read our article carefully. বাংলায় পড়ুন

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Learn from our article about Lost Voter ID Card Download and how you can collect lost voter id card quickly without hassle. Voter ID card is required for various urgent tasks in every field of our life. In some cases, if there is no voter ID card, one has to face various problems. So you can easily Lost Voter ID Card Download card by following these methods.

NID Card Download Procedure – service.nidw.gov.bd

Voter ID card is a very important thing for us so it should always be used carefully. Every citizen should make some copies of voter ID card. You can use the copies other than the original copy when voter ID card is required for various purposes. And in some cases, even if your copies are lost, you can avoid losing the original ID card. Since your identity is confirmed through voter ID card, different people can use these ID cards to frame you in various ways.

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And if any wrongdoing is done with the lost voter ID card then of course you will be responsible for that. So you must take care not to lose the voter ID card. But of course we lose the voter ID card by accident. Know what you should do in that case.

Lost Voter ID Card Download

We return to our main discussion. The main topic of our discussion today is how you can complete Lost Voter ID Card Download. If you want to Lost Voter ID Card Download correctly then you must first go to the police station and make a GD about the loss of voter ID card. If you manage to steal the voter ID card at the right time, you can avoid any misdeeds with your lost voter ID card. So my advice is if you lose your voter ID card, first of all go to the police station and do GD.


Many are afraid to go to the police station due to various problems. But keep in mind that no money is required for GD for loss of voter ID card. You only need to provide the required information. So if you have somehow lost your voter ID card, you must go to the police station and get a GD.


service.nidw.gov.bd – Lost NID Card Download Procedure

In case of lost NID card you need to provide some information to re-download it. For example, you will need to know the voter ID card number and date of birth. If you don’t know them, you can get them from the election office. To download the lost NID card online, visit the website https://service.nidw.gov.bd/nid-pub/voter-info. And go there and open your own profile.


After opening your profile, enter all your details like NID card number and date of birth correctly on the website. And by following the steps mentioned on service.nidw.gov.bd website you can easily download online copy or PDF file of your voter ID card. If you are not experienced in this matter then definitely take the help of a knowledgeable person.

Lost Voter ID Card PDF Download

Enter the website by providing your National Identity Card number and date of birth and you can easily download the online copy as well as apply for re-issuance as per the policy of the website. You will pay money online as per the specified procedure given on the website. After completing the online application, your NID card will be used by the election office and later you can collect it from the post office or local election office.


You can also print and collect your Lost Voter ID Card Download it. You will complete these tasks by following all the procedures by entering the said off website.

Hope you can complete Lost Voter ID Card Download card by following the methods mentioned in this article. However, if you have a problem understanding any part of the discussion or if you have any information related to the discussion, please comment. Thank you all for being with us.

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