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Love Marriage: Many of us are interested to know whether love marriage can lead to happiness or not. Although we know that the future is uncertain and birth, death and marriage are entirely in the hands of the Creator, it cannot be properly said whether love marriage is good or bad. However, we can understand whether it is possible to be happy through love. We have presented detailed information to you through this article on whether you can be happy if you marry for love. বাংলায় পড়ুন

বউকে খুশি রাখার উপায়

We cannot be certain about the future. Only in some cases it is possible to predict the future. If you have studied well and have a strong desire to get a good job in the future, then you are likely to be a good employee in the future.

If you marry for love, the mind match between two people is very good. You can easily know each other’s likes and dislikes. Yet sometimes it turns for the better and sometimes it turns for the worse. Considering all aspects, through today’s article, we have mentioned in detail the information about whether you can be happy or not happy if you marry for love.


Love Marriage Good or Bad Decision

There are good and bad sides to everything. Through today’s discussion, we will tell about the good aspects of love marriage and the bad aspects of love marriage. If you are on the fence about getting married in love then today’s discussion will surely help you in your decision making.

Love-Marriage-1Both the pros and cons of love marriage are described below.

Good side of Love Marriage

There are definitely some good points to love marriage. Through which you can improve a lot in life. As a partner you will find someone about whom you already know all the facts that will help you to be happy in your family life. Below are some good points of love marriage.

1. Spend more time with life partner

In love or love we find a person according to our mind or our own choice. Of course we like everything about it. And there is an eternal happiness in being with a loving person. It is much easier to start a life with a person you know and love than to start a life with a stranger.

If you marry for love, you can spend happy time with your life partner.

2. Reducing parental responsibility

When a boy or girl reaches puberty, parents are busy looking for a bride or groom. They have to face a lot of trouble in choosing the right bride or groom. Parental responsibilities are reduced to a great extent if you can choose your partner yourself.

3. Learn to be self-reliant

When you marry for love, most of the time responsibility comes at a young age. When responsibility comes to a man, he learns to take responsibility. If you fall in love and get married at a young age, you must study well and try for a job.

If you marry for love, there is very little defilement with your partner. The partner’s likes and dislikes are known in advance. Which helps a lot to improve in life.

আকাশের রং নীল কেন হয়?

Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, there are good days and bad days of love and marriage. The disadvantages of love marriage are mentioned below.


1. Love fades with time

If we use something for a long time, then our interest decreases. Even in love it happens. After a long time, the old relationship turned into marriage, but the love in the field started to decrease.

But that is not the case for everyone. In many cases, it does not cause any such side effects.

2. Known Relationships

Being together for a long time or being in a relationship for a long time does not result in learning new things about each other. Marriage means establishing a new relationship. Which cannot be made in this case. A partner is found about whom everything is already known.

In a new way nothing is known about him from him.

3. Inexperienced decision making

In most cases, love marriages are the result of decisions taken at an inexperienced age. People are very young when they fall in love and do not decide to marry.

But when they get more experience in this matter they often get it wrong. But those who fall in love with their life partner after attaining maturity in life have a long lasting love.



In this article we have mentioned the details about whether love marriage can lead to happiness or not. Hope everyone got the information they needed from our focus. Remember that your happiness must lie within you. You must decide what will make you happy and what will bring happiness in your life.

Whether you will be happy after love marriage is entirely up to you. So think carefully before taking any decision. For any solution or required information you can visit our website. Thank you all so much for being with us.

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