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Maharani Hemant Kumari’s Puthia Rajbari: This is our Bangladesh surrounded by ancient tradition and greenery. There are many fascinating ancient installations in this country. Many of us do not know where the history is hidden. Hey, because we don’t know, invaluable resources remain behind us. All this time is lost. Ancient installations became extinct. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Archaeological resources are given due importance in all countries and are properly preserved. Preserved in a way that becomes spectacular. Similarly, Puthia Rajbari of Rajshahi or Maharani Hemant Kumari’s Puthia Rajbari is an ancient fascinating place.

This residence of Empress Maharani Hemant Kumari’s Puthia Rajbari is also known as Pachani Zamindar Bari. The Maharani Hemant Kumari’s Puthia Rajbari is situated on the Natore road, 32 km northeast of Rajshahi district headquarters. Puthia Rajbari or Pachani Zamindar Bari is the residence of Maharani Hemantakumari Devi. Puthia Rajbari in Rajshahi is one of the archeological heritage of Bengal. At present Rajbari is being used as Lashkarpur Degree College. Maharani Hemant Kumari's Puthia Rajbari

History of Maharani Hemant Kumari’s Puthia Rajbari

Established during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar, the zamindar of the Puthia dynasty was one of the Bara Bhuiyans. The founder of this dynasty is Pitambar. After Pitambar’s death, his younger brother Nilambar became Landloard. During the Mughal period of the seventeenth century, Puthia Estate was the oldest of the various states of Bengal.

It is said that Jainik Nilambar, after receiving the title of Raja from the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, became known as Puthia Rajbari. The Estate was divided in 1844. In that division the eldest son of the zamindar got five and a half annas of property and the other three sons got three and a half annas. Until 1950 there was a Zamindari system.

When the custom was abolished, the Puthia Rajbari Zamindari was also abolished. However, even though the Zamindari was abolished, their palaces, temples and other structures built during that period still survive.

This magnificent palace was built in 1895 by Maharani Hemantakumari Devi in ​​memory of her mother-in-law Maharani Sarat Sundari Devi. After her death in 1942, the charm and splendor of the Puthia palace of Maharani Hemant Kumari gradually diminished. That is why its beauty is ruined by carelessness and neglect. The goods used by the zamindar became expensive. At present, the Puthia palace of Maharani Hemanta Kumari is being repaired by the government.

Puthia Rajbari

The Maharani Hemant Kumari’s Puthia Rajbari is an attractive building built on a two-storied rectangular plan on the south side of Puthia Bazar. The zamindars or kings used to conduct their work from here. The decoration of the front pillars of the building, the painting of flowers and herbs on the wooden work walls and on the doors also carry the identity of excellent architectural style. The roof of the palace is flat and tile has been used. Trenches were dug around the palace for safety. Maharani Hemant Kumari's Puthia Rajbari

There are 6 Raj Dighis around the Raj House. The size of each tank is 6 acres. And there are 6 temples. The name of the biggest temple is Shiva temple also there are Radhagobind temple, Gopal temple, Govinda temple, Dolmancha etc. Each temple has beautiful terracotta plaques on the walls.

Jorbangla Mandir Bangla Mandir Pancharatna i.e. temple with chura. In general, the various temples of different styles of Bengal are attractive, besides the bathing ghat of the queen, the inner court, the courtyard of the Puthiya Rajbari of the great Empress Hemant Kumari.

How to Go Puthia Rajbari

Dhaka to Rajshahi: Rajshahi can be reached by road, rail and air from Dhaka. By road you can take a bus from Dhaka Gabtali and Kamalapur to Rajshahi. That’s why Greenline Desh Travels has a Shyamli Hanif bus service that you can use. Rents can range from Rs 400 to Rs 1,000.

There are two trains called Silk City Express and Padma Express to go by rail. Another one has been added, Bonalata Express. The Silk City Express leaves Kamalapur for Rajshahi at 2.40 pm every day except Sunday and at 11:10 pm every day except Tuesday.

In addition, Biman Bangladesh Airlines United Air and US-Bangla Biman can be reached from Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport by air.

Rajshahi to Maharani Hemant Kumari’s Puthia Rajbari: The distance to Puthia is 34 kms from Rajshahi and 16 kms from Natore. Take a rural bus from Rajshahi to Natore or take a local bus to the Puthia bus stand on the Rajshahi-Natore highway.

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