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There is a Bengali proverb in this world whose creation has made half of it eternally beneficial for women and half for men. In other words, the role of a woman for a beautiful life is immense. বাংলায় পড়ুন

A Woman’s Contribution to Make a Man’s Life Beautiful By infinite marriage they are transformed into a man and a woman, beginning their married life. Marital life means excessive love, affection, etc. towards husband and wife. A woman and a man enjoy every moment of their lives holding hands in a relationship called marriage. This brings a beautiful moment in everyone’s life, but sometimes the opposite also happens. As happened in the case of Alamin, Alamin is a resident of Digalkandi union of Ghatail upazila of Tangail. His father was the president of the Awami League in the union. He committed suicide due to family unrest. Before committing suicide, he wrote a suicide note to his younger brother. The suicide note has now received a huge response on social media. Was it in the suicide note ??

Suicide note

“Brother, I can’t continue my life. Every moment of pain. Mahmud, I love you very much, brother. Forgive me. My family has been ruined by Shila’s father, mother, and her brother Nahid. They also took a piece of my heart. Brother, there was no way out of this daily agony without it. Brother, my helplessness and tears also seemed like a joke to them. Brother, keep an eye on Babu. And I could not, brother. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. That too will be freed from suffering. Brother, I wanted to forgive my parents. “

Young man commits suicide in Tangail

How helpless a person can be if he leaves with a suicide note. The suicide note was posted by his younger brother Mahmoud on his own Facebook wall. According to the family and police sources, Alamin married Sheila, daughter of Yusuf Ali of Taltola village in Deopara union of the same Upazila. They got divorced recently due to a family quarrel and they have a 2-year-old son. He was extremely worried about his mother leaving him with a son after the divorce. He committed suicide by poisoning a day after writing the suicide note.

Officer-in-charge of Ghatail Police Station Azharul Islam said it was initially thought that the body would be handed over to the family after a suicide autopsy. How can a man who is suffering from depression do such a thing that the person may have got married in the hope of a little happiness, maybe in the hope of living with a new dream, but this dream of his wife’s mother-in-law ended in an instant for his brother? How helpless it would be for a father to leave such a suicide for his child until he left the world with only one thought in his head to keep the child in the arms of his younger brother. Neighbors say it is a suicide but no less than murder.

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