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All government and private medicals in MBBS 2022 course have published their admission Circular 2022. If you are an applicant in MBBS 2022 course then today’s discussion is all about you. Today in our discussion we will discuss MBBS Admission Notice and Application Eligibility 2021-22. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Admission Circular 2022 has been published on the website of the Department of Health. In the light of that Circular, we have arranged our entire discussion today. This Circular will help you a lot if you are expecting a medical admission. With this Circular you will be able to easily get the application process eligibility and all the known and unknown information and you will be able to complete your application very easily by reading the complete article.

MBBS Admission Circular 2022

Eligibility of the applicant in MBBS Admission Circular 2022 is mentioned in the application process and all the subject matter of the application such as date etc. Through our discussion you will get all the important dates of MBBS Admission Circular 2022 at a glance. Below are all the important dates of MBBS Admission Test 2022. Take a look at what you need-

Application start: 28 February 2022
Application ends: March 10, 2022
Admission test fee: 1000 Taka
Date of admission test: 01 April 2022
Last date for Admit Download: 26-29 March 2022
Official website:
Application link:

MBBS Admission Circular 2022 Eligibility

The Ministry of Health has asked the students to apply online for public and private medical. They have already published all the qualifications and rules for the students applying in the Medical Admission Circular 2022.


As in the previous year, the candidates will be able to apply online as per the Medical Admission Policy 2022. To apply, an applicant must be eligible for SSC and HSC combined GPA-9. Students who have participated in SSC or equivalent examination in 19 and HSC examination in 2021-22 will be able to apply. However, in hilly areas and in case of tribes, even if the total GPA is 8, they can apply. However, the minimum GPA in Biology should be 3.5.

MBBS Admission Test 2022 Mark Distribution

The standard distribution of medical college admission test 2022 will be basically 100 marks. The Ministry of Health has not brought any difference in the case of medical admission test 2022. They have said that they will take their test against 100 marks as before. In that case there will be 100 MCQs of 100 numbers who will give you a written answer in 1 hour. That means you have to give 100 written answers in one hour. Below is the standard distribution of Medical Admission Test 2022. You can see it according to your needs.

Subject name Number
Biology 30
Chemistry 25
Physics 20
English 15
History of Bangladesh and Liberation War 10
Total number 100

MBBS Admission Exam Pass Number

In MBBS Admission Circular 2022, all the information related to the exam has been given very nicely. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Although the pass number of MBBS admission test is mentioned in the Circular, we are trying to inform you that if you want to pass the written test of 100 marks, you have to get minimum 40 marks. This means that if you get a number below 40, you will be considered unsuccessful. Merit list will be prepared from all the students who can score above 40 marks.



Those students who get less than 40 marks will be considered as unsuccessful and those students who get more than 40 marks will be considered as successful. And merit list will be prepared on the basis of higher marks from the successful students

Click below to view MBBS / BDS Admission Test Results 2022.

MBBS and BDS exam 2022 number cutting method

In 2022 academic year, MBBS / BDS admission test will be deducted 15 times of GPA obtained in SSC / equivalent examination + 25 times of GPA obtained in HSC / equivalent examination + 05 marks from the marks obtained in admission test. And in case of students enrolled in Government Medical or Dental College / Unit of the previous year, merit list will be prepared by deducting 7.5 marks from the marks obtained. 0.25 will be deducted for each wrong answer in the written test.

GPA Number System of MBBS Admission Test 2022

We already know that there has not been any change in the case of MBBS and BDS Admission Test 2022 for which the number will be fixed on the basis of GPA just like before. This means that your number will be published based on the total GPA of your SSC and HSC exams as 15 times and 25 times and your merit list will be created. In other words, if you have GPA 5 in SSC exam then 15 times that is 75 and if you have GPA 5 in HSC exam then 25 times that is 125 marks will be added. In general, your number will be added 15 times and 25 times your GPA and your number will be added to your merit list.

MBBS Admission 2022 Apply Process

So far we have got all the detailed ideas of MBBS Admission Test 2022 through the above discussion. Details were given about all the subjects like test method, number method, number cutting etc. Now we will tell you how to apply for MBBS and BDS Admission Test 2022. If you are an applicant, you can easily complete your application through our site. Details of the application are given below

Application Forms Students can apply online. Official website

An applicant can complete his application through

1. The new color image will be 300 x 390 pixels. And the image size can never be more than 100 KB

2. Sign a white paper and scan it which should be 300 x 60 pixels. And the size will not be more than 60 KB.

3. Address: Candidate’s District, Current Address, Permanent Address (District, Thana / Upazila, Paste Code etc.) must be written in English.

4. You have to fill in the names of the medical colleges for your admission job. Once your form is submitted, you will not be able to correct it.

5. SSC and HSC exam information

By clicking on that link you will see a form with all the information that you need to complete your application in that form is described below step by step.

Here’s how to put one together for use with your application.

MBBS Admission 2022 Application Fee

Once your application is completed you will receive a username and password through which you will have to submit your application fee through Teletalk’s prepaid connection. How to submit your application fee for MBBS and BDS Admission Test 2022 through Teletalk Prepaid SIM is given below:

Example: Write MBBS <Space> Student and send to 16222. Consent will be sought in the return SMS with a PIN, name of the candidate and deduction of Rs.1000 / – (one thousand) as examination fee.

Go to Message option, type MBBS, write YES with space, write PIN with space, write space with maximum four Center Code (in Table 1) with comma (,) and send SMS to 16222.


Example: Type MBBS <Space> YES <Space> 456789 <Space> 51,22,15,16 and send to 16222. If the PIN number is written correctly, 1000 / (one thousand) rupees will be deducted from the Teletalk’s Prepaid mobile for the examination fee and the candidate will be given a User ID and Password in the return SMS stating the name of the examination center.

MBBS Admission Test 2022 Admit Card Download

If you are an applicant for MBBS BDS Admission Test 2022 then your admission card has been issued. With your issued entry form you can easily download through our site. To do this, click on the link below with the user ID and password given to you at the time of application and successfully download and save your entry form to yourself.

We think that today’s discussion has been very helpful to you. If you are expecting a medical admission, you can easily download the results of your application and admission through our site. Thank you.

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