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The recent conspiracy theory with the Corona vaccine is that people in many parts of the world, including our country, have claimed that the microchip is being injected into the human body through the Corona vaccine. Although there is no clear argument in favor of the claim, it is merely a rumor. Many have spread these rumors around. Today we will present detailed information about microchip here. And let me tell you – it would be good or bad to put a microchip in the human body. So read our post carefully from beginning to end. বাংলায় পড়ুন

What is a microchip?

Before we go into detail about microchips, we need to know what microchips really are.

Microchip A microchip is a small electric device. Which are made in small ranges from materials like silicone. The use of microchips in the human body is called bio-hacking technology in the language of science. In short, bio hacking is the act of placing a device inside the human body. The microchip looks like a grain of rice. This small electronics device works in RFID system which is the same technology that we use ATM card, credit card. Only if it is inserted into the hand, like a vaccine, even if it is in the hand for a long time, the chances of harm are less.

A company called Biomax International has started operations in Sweden, resulting in 4,000 people already using it in Sweden. Jagar costs 180

ভার্চুয়াল রিয়েলিটি কি? এটি কিভাবে কাজ করে।

Advantages of microchip

Microchips or RFID chips can be a useful tool, especially when it comes to emergencies that require immediate access to accurate medical information. Some of the advantages of microchip are mentioned below

You’ll Never Again have to Worry about Losing Your Wallet

We use different RFID cards i.e. debit cards, credit cards, various bank cards for our daily work which we use to pay for things in our shops, enter public transport buildings and borrow books from the library. The problem with these plastic cards is that we can lose them or they can be stolen from us and we often leave them at home in a hurry. But if you use this microchip, there will be no fear of losing or stealing it.

Collection of Various Information


We can use microchips to collect various information. For example, suppose you are going to the water doctor with your parents. It is a lot of trouble to take the report card and if you get lost, you have to do nothing but shake your head. But with the help of microchip you can easily move all the documents in between.

Keep an eye on Patients, Children and Offenders

It is not uncommon for children to be hospitalized as adults or for patients to be discharged from the hospital or for criminals to escape from prison. It is not uncommon for children to run away or be abducted from a lost home. Being able to track people in this case means peace of mind for millions of caring family members and parents. The first four hours are the most serious of abductions. Because it usually happens within that time but if a microchip is attached you can track it at any time. So if your child is lost or an accused escapes from jail, it is possible to track him down very quickly.

কিউআর কোড কি? কিভাবে QR Code তৈরি করবেন

Device Control Automatically

Imagine your car turning on automatically. The door opens as soon as you step forward, your favorite TV channel starts as soon as you sit down, or your thermostat confirms that the temperature is just right when you get home from work. Yes it is possible to control all this using only one microchip.

Disadvantages of Microchip

There are many advantages as well as some disadvantages to using a microchip. It is mentioned below

Risk of getting Cancer


Catherine Albrecht, an anti-RFID advocate, described RFID devices as spy chips in an all-out report on the risk of cancer. He said that based on research on rats and dogs from 1996 to 2006, they developed cancerous tumors at the site where the microchip was injected. However, contrary to this claim, many scientists have made it clear that the human body has nothing to do with the dog


Infections can often occur if it is implemented by an incompetent physician and is not properly injected into the body. Which is extremely harmful to human body.

Risk of Privacy Breaches and Hacking

Microchips can be used for unforeseen purposes without the consent of their holder that means a microchip used to open employees’ doors or to pay for meals পরে can be used to secretly track an employee’s bathroom and comments opposite water. As a result, their privacy may be violated.

MRI Machine

Microchip Since MRI scans use a very strong magnet, patients who have this microchip in their body should not have an MRI scan. Because it can cause the medical device to move out of place or become abnormally heated, MRI images can also interfere. Although there is no clear answer as to whether there will be any problem with scanning the MRI machine in the case of microchips, many have speculated that it may pose a risk.

Interference with Individual Freedom

If it is forced to enter a person’s body and it is constantly monitored after falling, that person’s personal freedom is lost. Indonesia has recently decided to apply this technology to sex offenders.

Many of the benefits of this microchip are used as a cryptocurrency and travel card used in card access, bill receipt and payment. There are also some risks and difficulties such as moving away from the hand and moving to another part of the body. There may be an infection in the hand, privacy may be violated and there is also the problem of hacking.

It is to be noted that the use of microchips is widespread. It can be used for animal trekking, cargo transportation and many other purposes. In the future, microchips may be seen as a complement to mobiles and other devices.

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