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A new decision has been taken by the Ministry of Education regarding the weekly leave of educational institutions. According to the new decision, there is a plan to have two days off per week in the education curriculum. According to the new plan, all public and private educational institutions at the primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels will be given weekly holidays from the 2023 academic year. Weekly holidays will be announced every Friday and Saturday. বাংলায় পড়ুন

According to the Ministry of Education, the holiday will be fully implemented by 2025 according to the new curriculum. Education Minister Dipu Moni said this at a press conference on February 17, 2022, at the Secretariat. At present, several universities and institutions have two days off. This curriculum related to holidays will be established in all the educational institutions of the country step by step.

New Curriculum Approved

On 19 February 2022, the Minister of Education mentioned that from 2023, all educational institutions in the country will have two days off on Friday and Saturday. Activities have already been taken by this policy.

The education minister further said that teachers and students would be able to stay stress-free due to the two-day weekly leave. It is planned to have two days off a week to increase the quality of education and keep teachers and students free from stress.

The new curriculum has been approved to reduce the pressure on teachers and students and make the learning environment more beautiful and colorful, except for weekly holidays. According to the new curriculum, the learning time is 500 hours for pre-primary, 630 hours for first-third class, 840 hours for fourth-fifth class, 1050 hours for sixth-eighth class, 1117.5 hours for ninth-tenth class, and 1167.5 hours for class XI-XII. Throughout the year students will take classes according to the specified time.

Education Minister said that due to setting a certain amount of learning time and giving two days off in a week, students and teachers can be relieved to a great extent. As a result, students will be able to enjoy their studies and teachers will be encouraged to teach better.

New Rules for Exam

According to the new curriculum, students from pre-primary to third class will not be allowed to take any test. Students need to be assessed according to class. Students in classes IV to VIII will be tested for 40 percent marks. And the remaining 60 percent marks will be given through assessment during learning. Students in class IX-X will be tested for 50 percent marks and the remaining 50% marks will be given according to the learning time. Students of class XI-XII will be tested for 70 percent marks. And 30 percent marks must be provided in the learning assessment. The final result has to be declared after adding the number obtained in the test and the number during the learning period.

The Ministry of Education is considering piloting a new curriculum in 2022. Teaching will start from the 2023 academic year according to the new curriculum. And the implementation of the 2025 secondary level curriculum will be completed. The implementation of this curriculum in the field of higher education will be completed in 2026 2027.

Education Minister Dipu Moni further said that the new curriculum try-out will start from 22 February 2022. And elementary schools may start from March.

The decision to make the weekly holiday Friday and Saturday was taken earlier. And the decision is expected to take effect in 2022. At present, the weekly leave is one day and other holidays are calculated and the class in the educational institution is 215 days per year. Now, if Saturday is taken as a weekly holiday, classes in the educational institution will run for 185 days in a year.

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