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It has been alleged that the pictures of the 3 best actors Sohail Rana, Farooq, and Ujjwal have been removed from the office of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. And the arrow of this accusation goes towards Ilyas Kanchan and Nipun. Or they removed the pictures after getting new responsibilities and sitting in the chair. There have been rumors and criticisms about the issue for several days now. Actor Rubel also expressed anger. However, Nipun gave a stern reply claiming that the whole allegation was a lie. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Nipun Answer with Hardness

The heroine said lies are being spread. Is there any reason or reason to remove the pictures of the Farooq, Sohail Rana, and Ujjwal brothers? I don’t know who is spreading these negative things. They are our ideals to us they are legends. They are the crown of our heads. Farooq Bhai as the founder of the association’s office, Sohail Rana Bhai as the associate, and Ujjwal Bhai were photographed. The broken glass has been repaired. But I have removed the pictures of 3 people being spread. We are thinking that not only these 3 people, will be accompanied by many legends including Nayak Razzak, Alamgir, Ahmed Sharif, Khalil Saheb.

It may be mentioned that the journey of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association started in 1974. Hero Sohail Rana proposed to form this association, Hero Farooq established it and Hero Ujjwal helped in forming the association. Nayak raj Razzak became the first president of the artist association formed on the initiative of these 3 people. Ahmed Sharif was the general secretary at that time. 35 years after the beginning of the journey of the association, a nameplate with pictures of entrepreneurs was made in the artist association.

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