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At present we almost all use Android phones. We often delete the pictures or any documents taken on this Android phone by mistake. Sometimes we also delete them intentionally but after a while we need those photos or documents. বাংলায় পড়ুন

And we don’t get these back, so many people are very upset. This is because if we delete any photo or document on Android phone, we don’t know any way to get it back. We all think that if a brother deletes a photo, it is not possible to get it back. Like you, I used to think that if a file or a picture was deleted, it would not be possible to get it back. But this idea is not correct. We can recover all deleted photos, photos, documents or any audio video file from our Android phone. With a little ingenuity we can get back all these files and pictures. Now you may say how? The answer is yes. If you want to know more about this topic and if you think that you will recover deleted files from your phone then read my post carefully and follow all the steps written in the post then you can easily recover all your deleted files or photos. Will get. So let’s get started.

Is it possible to get back deleted photos or documents from mobile

Yes, of course possible, today I will discuss how you can recover all deleted photos or documents from your Android phone. The computer has a folder called Recycle Bin. When you delete a file or document, that file or document is stored in the Recycle Bin folder on the computer, just like all the files or photos deleted from your Android phone are stored in a system folder. So there is no reason to worry if your photo or document is accidentally deleted. If you read today’s post completely, you can easily recover deleted photo or document from your phone.

How to recover deleted photos or documents

There are two applications on the Internet or Google Play Store that you can use to easily retrieve deleted photos or documents from your phone. However, you have to keep in mind that if you use the free version of Ed Two, you will only be able to recover the pictures. But if you think that you will bring back any of your video files or all the documents, then you must use the premium version of one of them. Today I will use those two applications

  • DiskDigger
  • Restore Image (Super Easy)

How to use the two applications I will now tell you step by step you can easily recover all the pictures if you follow each step so let’s take a look at the steps
In the case of DiskDigger
First you download the DiskDigger app from the Play Store. photo-2022-03-13-20-14-14

Then open the app and click on START BASIC PHOTO SCAN. When you click on it, a permission pop-up menu will appear in front of you. Then you will see all your deleted photos for recovery. Now you can mark and recover the photos you need.

Restore Image (Super Easy)

First, download and install Restore Image (Super Easy) from a Play Store. Then open the app. photo-2022-03-13-20-14-19

After opening the application, click on this option to search the image you want to restore. Then in front of you will show all the deleted photos one by one. Select the photos you need and click on the Restore image option. Then all your Sylhet photos will come to your mobile.

Last word: I hope if you read the whole post carefully, you will be able to recover your deleted photos very easily.

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