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By high blood pressure, we mean the same thing. This is a problem that is now known all over the world. This problem is increasing so much all over the world that the number of patients with high blood pressure is increasing in every country. বাংলায় পড়ুন

According to the current study, more than 100 billion people worldwide suffer from this high blood pressure. Needless to say, high blood pressure is bad for a person. High blood pressure is the main cause of various diseases including kidney failure, stroke, and heart disease. This disease is called the silent killer. This is because the disease causes a very large disease in the human body very slowly. Like other countries, the number of patients in Bangladesh is not less. More than 20 percent of the total adults in Bangladesh suffer from high blood pressure. However, this disease can be controlled by itself. It is possible to control this disease completely through timely exercise and other physical exercises. Exercising regularly keeps the heart and lungs working and keeps the blood circulation moving so that high blood pressure can be controlled very easily.

Control your blood pressure by exercising regularly

We can control blood pressure very easily. As a result of controlling blood pressure, other parts of our body like the heart, kidneys, liver are active. According to a study by different scientists in different countries, it is better to control blood pressure through physical exercise than to control blood pressure through drugs. The most common types of exercise we can do to control our blood pressure are swimming, exercise, cycling, regular walking, jogging, and more. Moreover, we can do our physical work through our daily work. Which include our body exercises such as-

  1. Walk at least 40 minutes every day
  2. Do small chores around the house
  3. Call pressed
  4. Sweeping
  5. Use a car to go to any place on foot
  6. Using stairs without using the elevator
  7. Carry small weights yourself without lifting them

In addition, there are many patients with high blood pressure who in many cases can not do physical work, so they have to take regular medication according to the doctor’s advice. But with a little effort, we can go about our daily routine without medication. There are now a lot of physiotherapists who talk to us to get the right advice on what kind of exercise to do to get rid of high blood pressure.

Effect of high blood pressure

We take high blood pressure very normally but all the diseases caused by it are not common at all. Accumulation of fat in the heart can lead to the death of a person for all these diseases like stroke. So we will increase our exercise rate as soon as possible and we will protect ourselves from high blood pressure as soon as possible. If it is not possible to control high blood pressure through physical exercise, then we can seek the help of a doctor. However, it is possible to control our high blood pressure through regular exercise, and in that case we may not need to go to any doctor.

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