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Rashmika Mandana is a 21 year old girl. He was born in Kodagu, Virajpet (Virajpet) in Karnataka, South India to a middle-class family. But now he is the successful film star of South India. His hobbies were traveling, exercising. She is also an actress and model by profession. He made his first film in 2016 called “Kirik Party”. In 2016, Rashmika Lamod participated in Bangalore’s Top Model Hunt where she paved the way for the makers of “Kirik Party” who offered her the lead role in the film. It was later learned from Wiki Bio that at one point during the film, he met actor Raksit Sethi and they fell in love and got engaged in July 2017. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Vijay Deberakonda’s status about love and marriage

In the meantime he was working on many more films but then he started working with Vijay Debarakonda. Where Vijay Debarakonda with Rashmika was a successful winning star. Where the two of them got along very well together. They also made several films at the same time. Gradually, they were becoming the favorite pair of the audience. They are even liked by the fans as a real couple. Again, they were seen together in the movie “Geetha Govindam” (2018) “Dear comrade” (2019). Both the pictures became quite super hits. They spread out in a very exciting way. Fans as well as everyone had a lot of differences about their working together and many also spread rumors in the name of love stories. There was a lot of buzz in the industry about the couple’s love affair. Even in the local media of India, there is a lot of writing about their marriage. It is said that they are still silent.

So far they are not saying anything about their relationship. Where Rashmika and Vijay can tie the knot at the end of this year. But they are busy with their work so they would not listen to this but after watching all this Vijay Debarakonda was forced to comment in the end. Then at one point Vijay Debarakonda got annoyed and tweeted, “As usual nonsense. We don’t expect such news.” However, his fans have a lot of fun and enjoy the world. They also gave a lot of laughter emojis in his speech. Lately, they have been seen together in Mumbai. But that is also the case at work. Their picture is captured on camera by a man named Paparazzi. Where they knew nothing about it.

Rashmika and Vijay Deberakonda

But this picture further enhances the rumors of their love affair. There are many questions. It is said that this love is true? Is it true that their love story is true? Because Vijay and Rashmika went on holiday earlier this year. The mother and brother of the bride were also present there. Even Rashmika has a very good relationship with Vijay’s mother. Rashmika also bought a new house in Mumbai. They are in Mumbai to shoot a new movie “Liger” where there is so much fuss about their marriage. But all in all, the story of their real love “pair” is in the industry. Just then, Rashmika was also questioned about marriage. He replied, “I don’t know what I should think about marriage, because I’m not old enough to get married. I haven’t even thought about it that far. But there needs to be someone in everyone’s life who will make you happy.” So far so good.

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