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The United States and other countries, including the European Union, are playing a more active role in the third day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine than in the previous two days. France has already sent weapons and equipment to Ukraine. Now they are on the way, the BBC reported. Western countries have also started providing grants and relief to Ukraine. In this context, the British Armed Forces Minister James Hippie once again sounded a message of hope for Ukraine. He said the United Kingdom and 25 other countries had agreed to provide more “humanitarian or lethal assistance”. Hippie told the BBC Radio 4’s Today program that Britain would coordinate with those countries on how to provide military assistance and “hand it over to Ukraine”. However, he did not give more details. বাংলায় পড়ুন

He says the Kremlin will probably consider harder resistance in Ukraine. He also said that British diplomatic efforts were being made to persuade other countries to remove Russia from the Swift International Bank transfer system. Hippie said the UK alone could not make that decision. But our position is clear. Ukraine’s health ministry says at least 198 people have been killed so far in Russia’s attacks. Among the dead were three children. Besides, 1,115 people were injured.

Russia and Ukraine War 

Refugees have been allowed to enter on foot through all eight checkpoints at the border with Ukraine, as long lines of vehicles have formed at the border checkpoints. Earlier, pedestrians were allowed to cross only one checkpoint, Medica. Nine reception centers have been opened for refugees, providing them with food, medical assistance, and information. The reception centers have been set up at schools and gyms near the border checkpoints and the Prajemisal railway station.

Putin-Zelensky ready for talks: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to discuss peace and a ceasefire. He said he was ready to discuss the matter. “We must avoid accusations that we have refused to negotiate,” Russian media outlet Sergei Nikiforov wrote on his Facebook account, quoting Sergei Nikiforov, Zelensky’s press secretary, on Saturday. Ukraine is always ready to negotiate peace and ceasefire and this is our permanent position. We have accepted the offer of the President of Russia.

7 Bangladeshis traveled far and wide with their lives in hand

Sheikh Khaled bin Selim, a Bangladeshi student who joined the procession of thousands of people, rushed to seek refuge in Ukraine immediately after the Russian attack. At Odessa station, he was accompanied by six other young Bangladeshis. He told the story of arriving in Odesa from the Polish border town of Lviv. Khaled decided to move to the relatively safer western region of Odesa, a town on the Black Sea coast, shortly after Russia’s missile attack on Ukraine last Thursday. He said, “Odessa has bus and train stations side by side. People were rushing to two places desperately for a ticket. Luckily I got the ticket. At the station, I met six more students from Bangladesh. The number of people going to Poland is increasing. He added that an extra train from Odessa was canceled on that day due to the large crowd. Even then many people could not get on the train. A group of Indian students in front of me could not get on the train despite many requests. Many Ukrainians could not get on the train.

People thought on War

Khaled, a fourth-year student at a medical college in Odesa, lamented that he came to Ukraine in 2011 to study medicine. When the war in Eastern Ukraine (Crimea War) started in 2014, I took a study break and returned to the country. Then I came back and started reading again, this time-fighting. The war is not leaving me behind. He said some Bangladeshis were still trapped in Odessa, adding that he had received reports of a missile attack after leaving Odessa. Refugees flock to the University of Poland: the Polish Border Protection Agency and the Church’s bunker have been opened. Our university says that since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukraine has said that if we want, we can stay in the hostel bunker. But I didn’t want to take the risk. One million Ukrainians have already entered Poland in the wake of the panic. The 697-kilometer-long journey from Odesa to the BBC reports that the influx of refugees is on the rise, with Khaled’s tired group arriving in Lviv on Saturday, but there are now over 20,000 people from 6 am GMT. But there is no end to the suffering. One hotel after another in the bitter cold, the hostel promised to give them all shelter while traveling in Poland. Khaled said the people here are giggling at the government. Those who have nowhere to go, are making it temporary. Panic in everyone’s eyes.

The world is worried about the third world war

Upon arrival, I learned that a siren had been sounded here in fear of an airstrike. Everyone wants to cross the border and go to Poland. It is very cold here. No place to stay. There has also been a food crisis. Except for one or two, most of the shops are closed and the banks are closed. After visiting ten or twelve places, we somehow found a hostel to stay in. There should be six or seven people in one room. Khaled did not leave for the border on Friday night. He said the Polish government had opened the border. But I heard that there is a line of 15-20 km long car. They have to stay in the cold. So I decided not to go that way tonight. Two more Bengali families came from Kuwait. They have kids. They will leave tomorrow morning (Saturday) and I will go with them. If luck is on their side, they may have fled the border to Peru and reached Poland in 10-12 hours. They have also promised shelter to those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Bangladesh Government’s step about war

The Bangladesh government has already said that arrangements will be made for the citizens to stay and return home if they can reach Poland from Ukraine. Khaled has decided to take refuge in Poland for now. Russia vetoes UN resolution, silent India-China. Russia has vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution calling for an end to Russian aggression in Ukraine. And 3 countries including China abstained from voting. The draft resolution, raised last Friday, strongly condemns the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The United States and Albania have jointly raised the issue. Eleven of the 15 members of the Security Council voted in favor of the resolution. And 3 countries abstained from voting. The countries are China, India, and the United Arab Emirates. The proposal also failed because of Moscow’s veto power as a permanent member of the Security Council. However, the failure to pass the draft resolution on Friday is seen by the western countries as their victory.

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