During Corona, we spent a lot of time drinking tea. The masala was one of the uncles. However, boiling hot spices with extra amount of cloves and black pepper can cause our acid. And it would be nice to drink spicy tea of ​​the same taste for so long. That’s why in today’s discussion we are publishing information about some of the new flavors of spice tea. Which on the one hand will take care of your health and on the other hand will change the taste in the mouth. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Basil tea

The first tea we will talk about is Tulsi tea. In addition to its religious significance, the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures speak of the many virtues of this Tulsi. Usually, we eat basil leaves when we cough. It is also very useful to make tea by drying basil juice and its leaves. Basil tea is very beneficial for the respiratory system. Tulsi also plays a role in relieving cough. So you can also try making Tulsi tea instead of spicy tea.tulsi20181023094800

Mint tea

Drinking mint tea for an ingredient called menthol causes a feeling of a cold sore in the mouth and throat. Mint tea also works very well for any stomach ailment. During this corona period, many people suffer from various abdominal pains. Mint tea will keep you free from all these pains. You can also eat mint tea to get rid of bad breath. It will also give you a lot of relief from your closed sinus problems. Mint helps you sleep better. If you suffer from insomnia, try mint tea.0-287393

Rosel Tea

Chukar, chukai, mesta, or rosel is one of the wonders of nature. Hibiscus tea is a tea that is made by drying tea with hot water. And the reputation of this hibiscus tea is spread all over the world. This antioxidant-rich rosel tea plays a great role in controlling high blood pressure and blood fats. You can drink this tea to avoid any infection.


Chamomile tea

Chamomile is a fragrant flower that soothes the mind. Chamomile flowers are soaked in hot water for a long time to relieve cold cough. As a result of various studies, all its health sisters are known. Chamomile tea gives relief from cough and phlegm. Sleep is also better if you drink chamomile tea regularly. Whatever you do, this is good news for people who suffer from insomnia in the future.Untitled-design-14-15

Ginger-lemon-honey tea

Ginger-lemon and honey are the three most familiar ingredients of tea. Many people in the country drink tea with these three ingredients. Ginger juice, lemon sour taste and aroma and sweet sweetness combine to make a unique flavored tea. This tea is very tasty and healthy. Boil the Ginger well, strain it with a little tea leaf and mix it with lemon and honey. This tea is made with beautiful taste.1608150821-5fda6f255ed4e-ginger-honey-lemon

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