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Detailed information about the short syllabus of all subjects of SSC Exam 2022 students has been mentioned in today’s discussion. According to the new announcement, SSC examination is going to be held from June 19, 2022. The Ministry of Education has informed that SSC examination will be taken this year as per the completely new rules. And a short syllabus has already been provided for taking the SSC 2022 exam in the new system. In today’s discussion we have mentioned all the details about short syllabus download. If you read today’s discussion from beginning to end, you will know all the information about it. So read from beginning to end of the discussion and find out the information about the short syllabus of SSC Exam 2022. বাংলায় পড়ুন

SSC Short Syllabus Download 2022

We have published the PDF file of short syllabus for all the candidates of 2022 in our today’s discussion. 2022 SSC candidates will be able to download the short syllabus on all subjects through today’s discussion.

All the short syllabus is published in PDF format by the Ministry of Education for taking the 2022 exam. This year SSC examination will be taken on half syllabus in all subjects except 4 subjects. The Ministry of Education has informed that no examination will be taken on Bangladesh and world identity, information and communication technology, science and religion. However, all these issues will be assessed through subject mapping.

SSC 2022 Short Syllabus PDF Download Link

Bangla First Paper- Download Link

Bangla Second Paper- Download Link

English First Paper- Download Link

English Second Paper- Download Link

General Mathematics – Download link

Higher Math – Download Link

Agriculture Education – Download Link

Home Science – Download Link

Physics – Download link

Chemistry – Download link

Biology – Download link

Accounting – Download link

Business Enterprise – Download Link

Finance and Banking – Download Link

Economy – Download link

Politics and Citizenship – Download Link

Geography – Download link

History and World Civilization of Bangladesh – Download Link

SSC 2022 Mark Distribution

The Ministry of Education has informed that the SSC examination of 2022 will be taken according to the completely new rules. This year students will be taken exams number 45 and 55. There has been a big change in the distribution of reading for this. Candidates will be given 2 hours instead of 3 hours.

45 marks in practical subjects and 55 marks in non-practical subjects will be taken. On the other hand, 50 marks will be taken in the first and second papers of English.

Permission has already been given to take full classes in every educational institution for taking SSC and all other examinations within the stipulated time. And filling of forms for SSC candidates will start from 13th April. And from May 19, students will take preparatory exams.

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